Dennis Itumbi official Twitter account hacked

Dennis Itumbi official Twitter account hacked

Kenya’s Information Communication and Technology (ICT) CAS candidate and blogger Dennis Itumbi has suffered a major setback. This is after blogger Dennis Itumbi recent claims that his official Twitter account was hacked by some ICT Mage experts.

It’s not the first time that a popular Kenyan social media influencer is hacked. Some of the socialites who have been hacked in Kenya include Sanaipei Tande, Diana Bahati, and Nonini, just to name a few.

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Dennis Itumbi Twitter account hacked

Following the 22nd March 2023 incident, Dennis Itumbi had to use his Facebook and Instagram pages to alert his fans and followers that he has been hacked on Twitter.

Certainly, Itumbi’s account is being controlled by a crew associated with the Crypto Currency. Below is a statement by Dennis Itumbi concerning the same.

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“The hackers are associated with Crypto Currency. Yes, I own a few bitcoins, I bought them when they were selling at Sh60,000. Google how much one bitcoin exchanges now.”

However, the Kenyan blogger and activist Dennis Itumbi is confident that his Twitter account will be fixed as soon as possible

 “As for my account, it shall be restored shortly, they tried my email, Instagram and Facebook too, but I got them before they could,” Itumbi said. More news to follow concerning the same as time goes by.


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