NTV Uganda Host Sheila Gashumba Lands a Job In Kenya

Uganda NTV Sheila Gashumba in Kenya nairobi
NTV Uganda Host Sheila Gashumba Lands a Job In Kenya.

Sheila Gashumba is a media personal at one of East Africa’s biggest media houses, Nation Media Group, NTV Serena that is based in Uganda. A daughter to Mr. Frank Gashumba, Sheila has had great chances and opportunities in her lifetime line of duty since her emergence in favor of her popularity.
Some times in 2017, she landed a deal with Africell telecommunications company, which was probably a good flash to a lifetime jackpot in her endeavors of hustles. The Africell deal was in conjunction with other celebrities like Sheebah Karungi, Ziza Bafana and Bebe Cool.

According to the latest reports, news has it that Journalist Sheila is soon meant to quit her job role in Uganda NTV and move to the Kenya NTV media house branch. Although not very clear specifically which Kenyan branch she’ll be based, a big portion of these reports has these reports confirmed. Convincingly, this might be the reason as to why TV host Tracy Kababito was hired to start working on “NTV the Beat” show. As with fully unearthed sources, the NTV presenter is currently in Kenya’s capital Nairobi and any time soonest we shall update on what and how her tour outcomes were executed.

NTV Uganda Host Sheila Gashumba Lands a Job In Kenya

In one of her most recent posts on social media platforms, Sheila posted a photograph of herself at an airport in Nairobi and this is what she posted along with the picture:-
“Just landed in Nairobi with my best friend. A big announcement coming soon.”
On the other hand, Kenya’s biggest radio and TV host Mzazi Willy M.Tuva is set to meet Sheila.
Sometimes just in the recent past, NTV Uganda let their presenter Sheila Nduhukire leave from Uganda’s NTV media house for NTV Kenya. The big question is, is NTV Uganda struggling to uplift Kenya’s based counterpart?
More news to follow…
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