Man impregnates Mother 3 times in Kitui County

Man impregnates mother 3 times in Kitui County of Kenya

Man impregnates mother 3 times using love portions (Juju) in Kitui County
According to a report reaching our news desks, another bizarre incident in Kitui County of Kenya has raised eyebrows across the nation. It’s not the first time a son of a man impregnates a mother in Kitui and Machakos County. However, this time around, a son is accused of impregnating her mother 3 times.

A family in Muasieni village in Kitui West was on Friday afternoon shocked after their son of a man admitted that his 3 young siblings are his children.

Brian Muthoka (not his real names) 27 years old left the whole village in shock after the troll of these news. Certainly, Brian was taken to the Kavioko Administration Police Center, together with his mother. Kavioko Location Chief Mr. Amos Musenya had a tough time interviewing and investigating the case before making a verdict of the same.

Man Impregnates Mother 3 Times in Kitui County

In truth, Brian confessed that the occurrence of the bizarre act is because of instructions from a witch doctor. This is after his repeated attempt to have a relationship with 5 different girls went wrong. As such, the witch doctor provided some substance to pour over a woman’s beddings and pillowcases. This was in an attempt to unlock his chances of winning any of the ladies.

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However, things bounced back and forth between Brian Muthoka and the momma, and not any of the crush ladies. Below is a statement from the Kitui man whose real names are not revealed.

“I did as I was told and since then I have sired my three children with a big woman (who is a mother) which now I demand their custody as their father.”

We shall keep you posted on the same page as time goes by and on other bizarre news happenings across the country of Kenya.


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