About Us UGW

Ugwire UGW About Us – First, UG Wire/Ugwire Media Networks is a media website family of publications that does digital editions of news in East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania) basically on Education and Entertainment news. Also, UMN covers other news topics like Business, Technology, and Legal, as well as Bizarre news across the globe.

Second, in all its forms, ugwire is signified for readers who want to know what’s going on in Kenya, Uganda, and the World in general. Most importantly, we consider readers who don’t have the time to read a daily newspaper from cover to cover.

UGW – About Us

Keeping up to date with what’s happening, and understanding all the issues, from all angles, has never been taxing, but most important; which is where Ugwire Media Networks comes in, and about us.

Furthermore, our site takes the very best of East Africa, and World’s top news. Then, distills it into just an easy-to-read post, helping you to keep abreast of events and form your own opinion of the latest affairs.

Finally, with the key stories delivered in kb-size chunks, you’ll get the whole pictorial quickly and easily. Last but not least, with an ever-increasing readership, our site UGW/ UG-wire is proving to be compulsive reading. WELCOME.

Who owns Ugwire?

The UgWire website was launched in the year 2018 by Stephen Onserio. In other words, Stephen Onserio Steogict is the architect, Founder, and Owner of Ugwire, the top informative news website in Uganda.

For any inquiries, recommendations, and opinions, kindly contact us via the email address admin@ugwire.com.