Laura Karwirwa Mugambi Joins Bambika Show Citizen TV

Kenyan female gospel singer Laura Karwirwa Mugambi, is the new face on Rauka and Bambika Show Citizen TV as she joins the crew. Laura is a passionate lady whose love for God propels every bit of her life. She is the first born of two, born on the 12th of June, 1996. Karwirwa was born in Nairobi City and later, raised in Thika town, Kenya. In our previous article, we uncovered all about Laura Karwirwa Biography, Education and her age.

Career: Laura Karwirwa Mugambi joins Rauka Bambika Show Citizen TV

Laura studied at ACK Thika Memorial Church School (Class of 2010) for her primary school education. Hence, she joined Riara Springs Girls High School (Class of 2014) for her secondary education. These institutions contributed heavily to her spiritual growth as well as in developing her talent. This is because she was part of many singing groups in school, and the Drama Club too. In 2013, she was awarded 2nd best
actress at National Level in the Annual Drama Festivals. She later joined Kenyatta University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics.

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Despite she’s still studying, Laura been hustling to make money through promoting and marketing her music.Certainly, through her journey of gospel music, TV Host Kambua made it possible for Laura to find her dream job. This was possible because Kambua was expecting a baby. Rather, the only option was to connect a close friend to the job. As a result, Laura Karwirwa managed to join the gospel Rauka and Bambika Show as a co-host presenter.

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