Sh50 Note Most Risky To Human Health.

According to a recent finding by KEMRI and JKUAT researchers, it was revealed that Sh50 note was the most risky to human health. This is because the research found out that some money denominations were so contaminated. Even more, the sh20 coin and sh50 note were the most contaminated since they contain organisms that cause various diseases. This is due to their numerous circulation across the country.

Most noteworthy, the most risky to human health Staphylococcus bacteria was common in the sh20 coin and sh50 note. The bacteria can cause skin, heart and bone infections. Similarly, it also causes food poisoning, pneumonia and toxic shock in humans.
Further, other denominations also tested positive for E-coli which can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever and vomiting.

The data was collected from food handlers in various parts of Nairobi County. In contrast, the least contamination was in Sh1 and Sh5 coins and the Sh1000 notes.
“Food handlers should be sensitised on the risks involved in handling food. Above all, this is after touching money and cellphones,” warns the study.

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