Commercial Banks In Uganda 2023 Top 10 List Today

Top 10 Commercial Banks In Uganda 2020 Today Licensed

This is a PDF guide list of the top 10 best and licensed commercial banks in Uganda in 2023 today. First, we have to say that there are many banks in Uga today. Currently, there are 26 commercial banks in Uganda This follows after the Bank of Uganda issued 2 new licenses to the Afriland First Bank and Opportunity Bank Limited.

In our previous article, we covered the top 10 best-performing banks in Uganda in 2023 today. In this article, we shall educate you on the top 10 commercial banks in Uganda. Certainly, the performance of commercial banks in Uganda is rated the best according to the customers. This is because of the affordable lending rates by commercial banks in Uganda in 2023 today.

On the other hand, the Bank of Uganda recorded a stable economy of 20.01% in July 2019. However, things have not been good especially after the global epidemic threat of the Coronavirus disease outbreak. This is because it has negatively affected the world’s economy in over 80% of the countries.

Licensed Commercial Banks in Uganda Today 2023

In summary, we shall name the top 10 to 38 commercial banks in Uganda in 2023 right now. Then, we shall provide links to each of the top 10 commercial banks in Uganda today. Have a look at our latest findings as per the data from the Bank of Uganda.

List of Commercial Banks in Uganda

  1. Stanbic Bank Limited, Uganda. It’s the best in the top 10 list of the licensed and biggest commercial banks in Uganda in 2023 today.
  2. ABC Bank of Uganda. It’s the second in our list of commercial banks in Uganda today.
  3. Afriland First Bank Limited.
  4. Bank of Africa, Uganda.
  5. Bank of Baroda, Uganda.
  6. The Bank of India, Uganda.
  7. Bank of Uganda.
  8. Barclay’s Bank of Uganda.
  9. Cairo International Bank.
  10. Centenary Bank. Also,
  11. Citibank Uganda.
  12. Commercial Bank of Africa, Uganda.
  13. Crane Bank.
  14. DFCU Bank of Uganda Group.
  15. Diamond Trust Bank Limited.
  16. East African Development Bank.
  17. Ecobank Uganda.
  18. Equity Bank, Uganda.
  19. Finance Trust Bank.
  20. FINCA Uganda Limited.
  21. Global Trust Bank.
  22. Guaranty Trust Bank, Uganda.
  23. Housing Finance Bank.
  24. Imperial Bank Uganda.
  25. Kenya Commercial Bank, Uganda.
  26. National Bank of Commerce, Uganda.
  27. NC Bank Uganda.
  28. Nile Bank Limited.
  29. Opportunity Bank Limited Uganda.
  30. Orient Bank.
  31. Post Bank Uganda.
  32. Pride Microfinance Limited.
  33. Standard Chartered Uganda.
  34. Tropical Bank.
  35. UGAFODE Microfinance Limited.
  36. Uganda Commercial Bank.
  37. Uganda Development Bank. And finally,
  38. United Bank for Africa, Uganda.

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