Abdi Munai Generali Biography Tribe & Real Names

Most of us have for decades listened to radio citizen or watched Citizen TV local programs. If that’s the case, then you might be barely aware of this man Abdi Munai Generali. Today, we shall cover about comedian and citizen radio presenter Abdi Munai Generali biography, tribe, & real names.

Abdi Munai Generali Biography Tribe & Real Names

First, Abdi Munai Generali real names are Mohamed Ratib. Munai generali is a Somali as well as Luhya by tribe. Second, Abdi Munai commenced his career journey as a dancer with the popular dance group named Safari Cats group.

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After 7 years as a dancer, he eventually managed to join KBC (Kenya Broadcasting Corporation) as an actor and comedian. At this time, he featured in various local programs like Vioja Mahakamani and Vitimbi. Additionally, he also starred on Nation Television (now NTV) comical shows like Redykulas as well as Intrukalas.

Currently, Munai General is a radio citizen presenter of DriveOn program that airs every weekday from 5pm to 7pm. Similarly, Abdi is an Actor of the police comedy dubbed Inspekta Mwala that airs every Monday at 6:30pm on Citizen TV. Last but not least, Mohamed Ratib is also a musician of dancehall music in Kenya with over 5 recorded tracks.

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Munai Generali Salary

According to our findings, Abdi munai general earns an estimate of KSh 300,000 per month. This is inclusive of his appearance on Citizen TV as well as his radio citizen show.

Clearly, Munai General likes acting, dancing, and watching football since he’s an aficionado of Manchester United FC. Finally, Abdi Munai generali is a married man with a beautiful wife, and adorable children.


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