Kenya Celebs Without University Degrees

Today, we shall enlighten you of the rich and wealthiest Kenya celebs without university degrees. In the showbiz and entertainment zone today, we have a new outlook on matters of education vs success and wealth.

First of all, attaining a degree in either art, science, or engineering course is of many advantages to anyone. This is because the world of today has become so competitive and demanding especially on matters of education qualifications. In contrast, many Kenya celebs are rich despite lacking a college or university qualification of degrees, or even 1 to be precise.

However, in a number of developing and developed nations, a few individuals still top the list of the wealthiest. In short, all these top showbiz Kenya celebs lists without any degrees are inspiring through their hard work in respective lines of hustle. Despite having all the hierarchy of education achievements at hand, probably that ain’t a gate pass to success. This is because many public and influential individuals have made it in life without the certificates, diplomas or degrees. In this article, we are going to list the top 5 richest Kenya celebs who don’t have a university or college degrees. Have a look at the list beneath;

Kenya Celebs Without University Degrees

  1. Huddah Monroe. First, for those who have been following the female socialite, no one knows of her educational background. However, her journey to a fortune in life for a passive-aggressive income has been all rewarding. This is because she topped the list of the best and most searched in Google in 2013-2014.
  2. Marya. Also, the admirable wamnyonyes lady pursued her academics however, she didn’t manage to complete the program. Rumors have it that team mafisi were among the cloud behind the effect. However, we are yet to establish the first time influencer despite the list consists of Jua Cali, Mustafa, Prezzo, Clemo and many more. Her songs have made her go places; Texas, Dubai, Canada, South Africa and so on.
  3. Vera Sidika. Honestly, she was in the same university with my ex, and that is Kenyatta University. However, they were not in the same school or faculty and that is back in the early millennium. Rather, it would be somehow difficult to explain how she got out of campus. Again, on how she changed her complexion that just a few individuals managed to recall on her via magazine publications. As of now, Vera sidika is one of the most popular celebrity names in the whole World.
  4. Willy Paul. Also, the adolescent Kenyan singer Willy Paul couldn’t miss on our list. The hardworking male singer has truly been one of a kind with numerous hits. However, after his A level of education and certification, he opted to major as a musician. As of now, he earns a lot of money through shows/ performances across the nation and even abroad.
  5. Octopizzo Namba 8. Finally, Octopizzo is one of the best hip hop and rap artists in Kenya after the now Khaligraph. Above all, his poetic lyrics have proved to his/her fans that he still can deliver rich content. However, Octopizzo is another top Kenyan artist who didn’t manage to pursue further studies. Unconfirmed Sources from Kibra has it that he managed to score straight amazing E’s in all sciences and C’s in arts.
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Finally, we shall keep you posted on the same page about the rich Kenya celebs without university degrees. If you missed out the previous article, here is a list of Kenya celebrities and politicians who are HIV positive.


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