Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa 2022 Forbes

Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa in 2022 by Gross Domestic Product(GDP) per capita according to Forbes.

It’s indeed true that the African continent is still a developing continent in the world as of today. However, some African nations are ranked among the developed countries in the world presently. For example, South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, and many more, just to name a few. On the other hand, Seychelles is currently the richest country in Africa by GDP per capita today in 2022.

In this article, we shall enlighten you of the top 10 Forbes richest countries in Africa in 2022. Most noteworthy, our list summaries the richest countries in Africa for 2022 by GDP Per Capita.

First, we hope that you understand what GDP (Gross Domestic Product) means. On the off chance that you don’t know, we have you covered in the brief explanation below. Likewise, we hope that you are now familiar with the poorest countries in Africa in 2022.

Richest Country in Africa per capita GDP 2022

Gross domestic product is a financial math estimate of the goods and services market value produced in a specific timeframe. Hence, it’s calculated by summing up the goods and services in the country and then, divided by a country’s population.
In our up-to-date data below, we present the GDP of the richest countries in Africa for 2022 in USD currency value.

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In summary, we will list the name of the richest country or countries. Then, we will state its current Gross Domestic Product, GDP per capita.

Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa 2022 Forbes

  1. Seychelles. The first position is Seychelles which is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean with a population of 99,847 citizens. Seychelles is home and destination for tourists from all parts and corners of the world. Furthermore, its the richest country in Africa’s per capita GDP in 2022.
    GDP per capita: 31.79 thousand
  2. Mauritius. In the second place is Mauritius which is also a tourist attraction destination. Likewise, Mauritius thrives well in the ICT sector, industrialization as well as in monetary duties.
    GDP per capita: 25.05 thousand
  3. Equatorial Guinea. It’s the only Spanish-speaking nation in the African continent. With a population of about 1.3 million citizens, Equatorial Guinea prides itself in the third position. Certainly, a great amount of the revenue comes from Farming, Fishing, Oil as well as Forestry.
    GDP per capita: 21.46 thousand
  4. Gabon. Gabon could not miss the Forbes list of the top 10 richest countries in Africa for 2022. Certainly, Petroleum is the main source of revenue in the country, followed by the Manganese and timber business. Hence, Gabon trades with China, South Africa as well as the United States.
    GDP per capita: 19.17 thousand
  5. Botswana. Again, Botswana is among the top 10 richest countries in Africa today with a population of 2 5 million citizens. It’s one of the countries in Africa with rich diamond mining reserves. Other sectors that boost the economy include agriculture and farming, as well as tourism.
    GDP per capita: 18.66 thousand
  6. Algeria. Also, Algeria has rich Oil reserves for Petroleum and Gas processing. As a result, Algeria is currently stable economically and above all, it’s trading with rich European nations like Spain, Italy, and France. Hence, this has enabled the Algerian government to oversee the economy in the 44 million citizens population in the country.
    GDP per capita: 15.77 thousand
  7. Egypt. We all know about the Arabic countries when it comes to Crude Oil and Petroleum merchandise. Other outgrowths that enrich Egypt’s economy include tourism, chemicals, textile, as well as agriculture.
    GDP per capita: 14.01 thousand
  8. South Africa. In Africa, it’s ranking as the 2nd richest country by Gross Domestic Product. However, it ranks #8 in the GDP capitalists of the top 10 richest countries in Africa in 2022 Forbes.
    GDP per capita: 13.86 thousand
  9. Tunisia. Its main source of revenue comes from the trading of electronic tools, Phosphate, Chemical products, apparel, as well as agricultural outputs. Some of the major counties that trade with Tunisia include Germany, France, and Italy. 
    GDP: 12.79 thousand
  10. Libya. In the 10th position of the richest countries in Africa is Libya. Despite the frequently experienced conflicts and demonstrations, Libya prides itself when it comes to Oil production. In addition, Libya is the country with the strongest currency in Africa today. Here is a full list of the African countries with the highest currencies in 2022. GDP: 12.01 thousand

SOURCE: Richest Country in Africa 2022.

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