Rotten Political Pressure In Kenya 2023 – Raila & Ruto

The rotten political pressure in Kenya between Raila Odinga & President William Ruto in 2023.

It is normal for the security forces and head of the regime to decline with much ego but the people’s defense forces will still wake up and prove that they are the authority, not the few greedy individuals who do not see the future and carry their burdens to the cross of politics. Undoubtedly, it’s true that sources have revealed the current 2023 rotten political pressure in Kenya.

Who could win the political lockdown expected in Kenya?

For a long time, the Azimio chief has re-strategized his political stamina in Kenya and previous regimes have unsuccessfully tamed Odinga’s way of politics. The regime has no option left but to take back democracy to Napoleon and Museveni’s tactics will see the country running a poor constitution and rich political ego where ‘political fools’ see power on the table and think that it belongs to them but the wise tacticians wait to overturn everything then blame it on the ‘greedy fools.’

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Rotten Political Pressure In Kenya 2023 – Raila & Ruto

Should the opposition give it go ahead mass action, the wave could be more expensive for the country as a result of political blindness folded in the country and the stake will be so high to address and correct some political parameters that will seek international address on the state of the country.

No human is above the law but everyone is beyond the law which they create and they deserve to revisit the constitution through their representative or plebiscite. The wrestling sides have the responsibility to face the parliament and take their seats as ring leaders as they lead their sides to debate on constitutional problems in a house sitting and if possible seek the mediation of a non-citizen, non-ex officio speaker of parliament who has paramount experience of putting order without favoring any warring political sides.

What can the William Ruto regime do?

As much as the president is the commander-in-chief of the Kenya defense forces(CKDF), it does not mean that you can also be the commander-in-chief of the People’s defense forces, CPDF. He can be entitled to provide oversight on Kenya’s Defence but to work in the interest of the people as the head of state and not use the title to weaken democracy and advocate for force or dictatorship.

If the military is struggling to tame the wave of bandits and the police are struggling to handle crime and all are working under poor conditions in the interest of a few greedy politicians, how then will he/she control the tyranny of people who have a problem with the constitution and want to picket? How many heads of state have succeeded in owning People’s Defence Forces in history?

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People Defence could have its commander and it is commanded by one who can mobilize and maintain the tyranny at all times until the nation comes to a standstill. To keep the nation running both teams will require some extraordinary political sense that will acknowledge the interest of the people and the government without engaging in life costly activities.

So, to sum up, our debate on the same concerning rotten political pressure in Kenya in 2023, below is a worry on the same.

Therefore, Kenya is expected to have weak democracy, weak regime, weak opposition, burdened economy, and mixed politics of tears and joy. However, this is with powerful citizens who will follow the call of political transition and salvation which will send some politicians to hell and others back home without a VAR check.

Source: Kenyan politics fan 


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