Police Reservist Killed in Baringo Bandits Attack

A police reservist is among four people killed by suspected bandits during an attack in Arabal, Baringo County. First of all, a section of Members of Parliament from Baringo have criticized the government. This is because the government withdrew guns from KPR in the county saying it has led to increased insecurity.

Baringo South MP Charles Kamuren said banditry has increased, making people live in fear and schools being closed.
“For the last three days, Baringo North and South have been attacked by bandits from Tiaty constituency. What prompted this attack is as a result of gun withdrawal from the National Police Reservists who have been defending our people. Those bandits are well armed, yet we do not have guns in Baringo North and South,”
said Kamuren.

Police Reservist Killed in Baringo Bandits Attack

According to the police, the bandits also stole livestock during the early morning incident. Hence, Rift-Valley Regional Commander Edward Mwamburi said a team of security officers has been deployed to the area.

He says security forces were engaging the armed bandits with the aim of arresting them and recovering the stolen livestock.

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Furthermore, cattle rustling continues to persist despite various interventions by the government. Even more, has not spared the police and civilians including women and children.


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