Wakali Wao Kwanza Gang Members Reveal Why They Attack

Recently, innocent citizens were brutally attacked by unknown illegal gang members in Likoni and Kisauni town centers of Mombasa County. Certainly, the armed criminals have been terrorizing residents in Mombasa County with machetes and rungus. In this article, we shall enlighten you on Wakali Wao Kwanza Gang Members as they Reveal Why They Attack.

According to some of the reformed gang members, their main intents are robbing, causing tension and so on. For example, one of the undisclosed members uncovered to Daily Nation that robbing is their survival way of life. The Likoni-based gang member named Geta, further revealed that the gang is made up of over 20 members aged between 14-26.

Also, Salim a lad aged 21 uncovered on how he joined the illegal criminal gang in 2013. Salim said that he joined the group in 2013 after his parents suffered from HIV AIDS. Moreover, he disclosed that three of their gang members have so far been killed however, the group is still operational.

Wakali Wao Kwanza Gang Members Reveal of Their Attack

“That is the only way we make money. We have to attack people so that we can eke out for ourselves,” Salim told the Sunday Nation.
Again, he added that they usually meet with his gang members at their hideout in Majengo Mapya in Likoni where they plan attacks.

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“It’s during these bhang-smoking sessions that we plan and agrees on which area to attack any given day. Those chosen for the attack operations spearhead the mission while those not chosen remain behind. Sometimes we split into smaller groups before initiating an attack to the innocent citizens who we already planned of. We never want to injure the victims but sometimes circumstances force us to do so. For example, if they try to resist being robbed or when they fight us back,” he added.

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Other gang like Waliotengwa, Wakali wao and Wakali kwanza based in Kisauni started as football teams before being wanted criminals.
“Football does not pay in Kenya, that is why we started robbing people to make ends meet,” said one of Wakali Wao members.
Coast regional police commander Marcus Ochola said that the criminal and illegal gang groups have no luck in the County.


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