Huduma Namba Deadline Extended by Uhuru

First of all, Huduma namba entails registration of all the citizens above the age of 5 countrywide. On Friday, President Uhuru Kenyatta extended Huduma Namba registration deadline by a week. Hence, the exercise will close on Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 6.00pm while in Diaspora it will end on June 6. Uhuru Kenyatta revealed that at least 35 million people have so far registered for Huduma Namba.

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Today is the penultimate day of this registration exercise. I take this opportunity to salute the men and women who have made this a success. In particular, the 42,000 young Kenyans working as Registration Assistants. Also, the 8,000 Registration Officers and the 400 ICT officers distributed in all our sub counties in the country,” he said.

Huduma Namba registration Deadline Extended

Finally, Uhuru urged Kenyans to take advantage of the extension and avoid the last-minute rush.

“I have observed with concern the long queues formed during these final days of the exercise. It brings to the fore an ingrained last-minute rush habit that holds us back. Nevertheless, Kenyans are determined to register for their Huduma Namba. Hence, I have obliged to the numerous requests to give them an opportunity to do so,” he added.


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