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Kenya Prisons Police Salary Scale 2020 Rank Badges

Kenya Prisons Police Salary Scale in 2020 and the Kenya Prisons Rank Badges for 2020. Today, we shall cover on the salary scale of Kenya prison police service warden’s and officers in Kenya in 2020.
First of all, with the new police reforms, the Kenya prison officers were given allowances in the year 2018. However, the allowances were stipulated in such a way not to exceed half of the respective warden salary. This was through a government initiative that proposed on these recommendations.

In summary, we shall educate you on the Kenya prisons service police salary scale 2020, allowances, and the rank badges.

Kenya Prisons Police Salary and Allowances 2020

Hence, the cadets, constables, and corporal would receive Sh 9,500 house allowance and Sh 3,000 commuter allowance in Nairobi. On the other hand, those in Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri, Kisii, Kakamega, Thika, Malindi, and Kitale would receive Sh. 7000. In contrast, those in the other regions of Kenya would earn KSh 5,500.

Kenya Prisons Rank Badges 2020

In this section, we shall cover on the Kenya Prisons new ranks and Kenya Prisons rank badges for 2020. It’s important to note that the rankings are divided into 2 categories, i.e Senior officers and Junior officers.

  1. Constable of Prisons -P G 1.
  2. Corporal of Prisons – PG 2.
  3. Sergeant of Prisons – PG 3.
  4. Senior Sergeant of Prisons – PG 4.
  5. Inspector of Prisons – PG 5.
  6. Chief Inspector of Prisons – PG 6.
  7. Superintendent of Prisons – PG 7.
  8. Senior Superintendent of Prisons – PG 8.
  9. Assistant Commissioner of Prisons – PG 9.
  10. Senior Assistant Commissioner of Prisons – PG 10. Also,
  11. Deputy Commissioner of Prisons – PG 11.
  12. Senior Deputy Commissioner of Prisons – PG 12.
  13. Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons – PG 13.
  14. Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons – PG 14. And finally,
  15. Commissioner General of Prisons – PG 15.

Kenya Prisons Police Salary Scale 2020 and Rank Badges Currently

In summary, below are the Kenya prisons police officers’ salary scale or scales per month as of today. Certainly, the rankings are from the highest-paid to the lowest-paid Kenya Prison Salary 2020.

Commissioner of Prisons – KSh141,000.

Senior Sergeant of Prisons – KSh 33,903.

Sergeant of Prisons – KSh 31,737.

Kenya Prisons Service Cadets 29,997.

Corporal of Prisons – KSh 28,671. And finally,

Constable of Prisons – KSh 20,990.

In general, our reports are subject to previous or future reviews. Also, you may leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

Finally, you may also see the Kenya Police and AP Salary Scales per month for the year 2020.

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