Kenya Police Salary Scale 2023 AP GSU Increment

Kenya police salary scale 2022

Today, we shall enlighten you on the salary scale of the AP, GSU, and Kenya Police per month in 2023 after increment plus their allowances. First of all, the Administration police in Kenya now work under the command of the Deputy Inspector of Police. This is because police reforms took effect after the motion was passed in parliament.

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Furthermore, the Administration Police were merged with the Kenya police to undertake their obligations as one.

How much does AP police earn in Kenya?

As of 2023 today, AP police in Kenya earn a salary of KSh 32,880 per month. However, the top rank AP police officers in Kenya earn up to KSh. 854,241 per month.

Basic salary of Kenya police 2023

Currently, the basic salary of a Kenya police constable is KSh 32,880 per month. Similarly, the Kenya police Corporals earn KSh 42,660 per month.

Cadet police officer salary in Kenya 2023

Cadet police officers in Kenya are paid a salary of Ksh. 70,000 per month. However, this is inclusive of all the allowances that they obtain from the government of Kenya.

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Below are the main duties of the AP (administration police) in Kenya and their salary scale for 2023 per month.

AP Kenya Police Job Roles: Details

Certainly, the core duties of the Administration Kenya Police (AP) in Kenya included:

(a) First, provision of assistance to the public when in need;
(b) Maintenance of law and order;
(c) Preservation of peace;
(d) Also, Protection of life and property;
(e) Provision of border patrol and border security;
(f) Again, provision of specialized stock theft prevention services;
(g) Protection of Government property, vital installations, and strategic points as may be directed by the Inspector-General;

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Kenya Police AP GSU Salary Scale 2023 and Job Roles

(h) Likewise, rendering of support to Government agencies in the enforcement of administrative functions and the exercise of lawful duties;
(i) Furthermore, Coordinating with complementing Government agencies in conflict management and peacebuilding;
(j) Most noteworthy, they are responsible for the apprehension of law offenders;
(k) Finally, the performance of any other duties that may be prescribed by the Inspector-General under this Act or any other written law from time to time.

Kenya Police Salary Scale 2023 Increment (GSU AP)

F PG1 70,485 17,190 18.760
G PG2 13,318 22,410 42,660
H PG3 4,576 30,750 45,540
I PG4 1,890 33,990 50,220
J PG5 6,383 36,300 53,820
K PG6 1,295 40,080 59,220
L PG7 242 45,540 70,530
M PG8 290 48,660 73,020
N PG9 627 59,220 85,890
P PG10 277 98,040 130,590
R PH11 91 143,790 187,890
S PG12 11 180,090 274,890

In summary, below are the Kenya Police rankings by their salary per month in 2023.

Inspector-General of Police Ksh 854,241
Senior Assistant IGP Ksh 274,890
Assistant Inspector general Ksh 187,890
Commissioner of Police Ksh 130,590
Senior Superintendent Ksh 85,890
Superintendent Ksh 73,020
Assistant Superintendent Ksh 70,530
Chief Police Inspector Ksh 59,220
Inspector of Police Ksh 53,820
Senior Sergeant Ksh 50,220
Sergeant Ksh 45,540
Corporal Ksh 42,660
Constable/Fresh Graduate Ksh 32,880
Kenya Police salary scale 2023.

Lastly, here is what the Kenya Prisons police officers earn per month in 2023.


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