Top 10 Richest Musicians in South Africa 2021 Forbes

Top 10 Richest Musicians in South Africa 2020 Forbes

Top 10 Richest Musicians in South Africa 2021 Forbes.

Today, we shall focus on South African musicians and artists who are reaping millions in the music industry. First of all, we have all seen how South African artists and musicians are turning out to be millionaires. Furthermore, some have turned out to become Producers, TV Hosts, Entrepreneurs, and many more.

In other words, we all have to agree that the entertainment industry is one of the most lucrative ventures in the world today. However, not everyone who starts recording music or becomes a musician is fortunate or guaranteed to be a top artist. For example, we have over 2,000 musicians in South Africa today, but, only 200-500 are recognized by Media outlets.

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Richest Musicians in South Africa 2021 Forbes

Steve Hofmeyr is the richest musician in South Africa in 2021 with an estimated net worth of R275 million. Steve Hofmeyr is a South African singer, songwriter, as well as a TV presenter.

In summary, we shall list the name of the artist or musician. Then, we will state their line of work and net worth in the current year. Have a look at the list beneath:

Top 10 Richest Musicians in South Africa 2021

  1. Steve Hofmeyr. TV Presenter, Actor, Singer as well as a Songwriter.
    Estimated net worth: R275 million.
  2. AKA. Rapper, producer, songwriter, and Entrepreneur.
    Estimated net worth: R157 million.
  3. Black Coffee. DJ, record producer, singer, and songwriter.
    Estimated net worth: R150 million.
  4. Rebecca Malope. Gospel Singer, songwriter as well as a TV Host.
    Estimated net worth: R75 million.
  5. Die Antwoord (Ninja and Yolandi Visser). Rappers
    Estimated net worth: R61 million.
  6. Cassper Nyovest. Hip-hop Rapper, Songwriter
    Estimated net worth: R47 million.
  7. DJ Euphonik. Deejay, record producer and presenter.
    Estimated net worth: R35 million.
  8. DJ Sbu. TV and Radio Host, Producer, Columnist, as well as an Entrepreneur.
    Estimated net worth: R31 million.
  9. Oskido. Entrepreneur as well as a Producer.
    Estimated net worth: R28 million. And finally,
  10. Juanita du Plessis. Singer, Songwriter, Presenter, and Model.
    Estimated net worth: R20 million.

In conclusion, the list of Forbes top 10 richest musicians in South Africa for 2021 above is the most current and precise. However, we shall keep on updating the list in case of any kind of changes as time goes by.

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