George Ouma Otieno KPLC Engineer of the year 2023

Meet the current KPLC Engineer George Ouma Otieno who is trending across the country as of the year 2023.

Engineer George Ouma Otieno, is a youthful and skillful engineer who has been making waves in the field of innovation. Certainly, his creative engineering skills and concepts are catching the attention of the Kenyan Government and industry experts as well.

We have to say that Engineer George Ouma Otieno has come a long way from fixing wristwatches and Radios to becoming a celebrated architect with considerable aptitudes to his name.

George’s journey in innovation began during his time at the University of Nairobi, where he pursued his BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. To cut the long story short, who is Engineer George Ouma Otieno?

Below is the statement that fully clarifies who KPLC Engineer George Ouma Otieno is, in Kenya as of 2023 today.

George Ouma Otieno KPLC Engineer of the year 2023

George Ouma Otieno is a renowned innovator who has been at it for over ten years. While pursuing his BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Nairobi, he was ranked at the top nationally in the 21st The Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) international conference in 2014. This good showing landed him a chance to attend the World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (WECSI 2014) in Abuja, Nigeria. He is currently the Chairman of the Kenya Innovators Society, which brings together over 150 innovators with varying specialties nationwide.

George joined the Kenya Power family in 2017 as a graduate trainee engineer and is now a power system engineer in the Infrastructure Development department based at Electricity House, Mombasa. Within the Company, he has done many power design projects for massive housing projects, which include Vipingo Holiday Homes, Superior Homes, and Buxton Affordable Housing Projects.

As a young boy in primary school, he started his journey in engineering and technology, repairing wristwatches at school and old wooden MW/SW radios for his neighbors. By the time he was joining high school, he had already mastered how mobile phones worked and was in the business of repairing them. Therefore, it was a no-brainer for him that his future was in engineering. Given his experience and proven success in assembling electronics, he naturally eased into innovation during his years at university, where he participated in many student competitions showcasing his prototypes.

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Engineer George Ouma Career

He patented the innovation and started scaling the device. In 2015, before his graduation, he also won the IEEE competition with a smart-highway innovation, a green-energy generation plan using existing superhighways. He described it thus: “Vehicles exert pressure on the road and change this pressure into energy. Laser strips will be placed on the roads, converting the pressure into energy enough to light the street lights and provide power to the shops close to the highways.” He is in talks with the Kenya Urban Roads Authority to try out the pilot stage of the innovation.

George has been invited to several fora to talk about innovation, including the State House Energy Summit, where he was to develop the smart highway innovation in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Kenya. Recently, he was recognized during World Engineering Day for his outstanding innovation, ‘Magic Camera,’ which is set to change the future of image capture. In emerging technologies, camera sensors have been redesigned in many angles and sizes to satisfy customers’ needs. The separate lenses and sensors include an ultra-wide, telephoto, and standard camera. In most cases, the camera industry relies on a fixed sensor with optical image stabilization OIS achieved by moving lenses back and forth. This direction has proven to overload our smartphones with many cameras in one device, which carry specific functions, adversely increasing the operation power for these cameras.

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George’s innovation seeks to establish a fixed lens with multi-sensors that perform basic functions independently and are operated with less power since the sensors are lighter than the lens. This will ultimately lead to sharper and more accurate images with faster stabilization.

In summary, we have to say that George Ouma Otieno is the current KPLC inventive Engineer of the year 2023.


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