Richest lawyers in Nigeria 2023

Richest lawyers in Nigeria according to Forbes and their current net worth in 2023.
Law is no doubt lucrative and prestigious that can earn you a normal living in Nigeria. With a law degree, you will be able to live well, but not as rich as the current richest lawyers in Nigeria in 2023.

A good number of the richest and wealthiest lawyers in Nigeria today are the Senior Advocates of Nigeria {SAN}. Alex Ejisieme also makes it to the list as the youngest SAN in Nigeria today.

On the other hand, Esther Chukwuemeka is the youngest female lawyer in Nigeria as of 2023.

Practicing law in Nigeria isn’t enough to make you that rich. Such cases can be observed in the lives of almost all the richest lawyers in Nigeria. Many of them opt to diversify into other sectors just like other richest lawyers in the world.

If you are looking for information on which lawyers are the wealthiest today, this article covers the top 10 richest lawyers in Nigeria according to Forbes Magazine.

Who are the richest lawyers in Nigeria?

With a net worth of $700 million, Adewale Tinubu is now the richest lawyer in Nigeria in 2023. Adewale studied at the University of Liverpool, England, and hails from Lagos State, where he is a legal practitioner.

In summary, below is the current list of the richest lawyers in Nigeria and their net worth.

Richest Lawyers in Nigeria 2023

1. Adewale Tinubu. Net worth 2023 – $700 million
2. Afe Babalola, CON, OFR, SAN. Net worth 2023 – $350 million
3. Abubarka Malami SAN. Net worth 2023 – $500 million
4. Babatunde Folawiyo. Net worth 2023 – $650 million
5. John Olatunde Ayeni. Net worth 2023 – $600 million
6. Adewunmi Ogunsanya. Net worth 2023 – $250 million
7. Wale Babalakin SAN. Net worth 2023 – $260 million
8. Jimoh Ibrahim. Net worth 2023 – $200 million
9. Wole Olanipekun. Net worth 2023 – $122 million
10. Gbenga Oyebode. Net worth 2023 – $120 million

Who is the top lawyer in Nigeria?

Abimbola Akeredolu (SAN) is currently the best lawyer in Nigeria. Femi Falana, SAN, who is also one of the richest lawyers, is the second-best lawyer in Nigeria in 2023.

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How much is a lawyer’s salary in Nigeria?

The estimated total pay for a Lawyer is NGN 475,000 per month in the Nigeria area, with an average salary of NGN 150,000 per month. Aluko & Oyebode is the oldest law firm in Nigeria, and the highest paying too. They pay about N100,000 per month to their newly enrolled lawyers.

Which university is the best in law in Nigeria in 2023?

University of Ilorin (Unilorin) located in Ilorin, is the best law university in Nigeria in 2023 today. Established in 1975 it is always ranked among the top institutions of higher learning in the country and is arguably the best university for law in Nigeria.


This write-up specifically listed the top 10 richest legal practitioners in Nigeria and their net worth as of now. As Nigeria continues to produce more lawyers and lawmakers, this seemingly distant gap between the richest lawyers would be breached.


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