Agriculture Courses at Kyambogo University 2022

Agriculture Courses at Kyambogo University

Kyambogo University is one of the top 10 best public universities in Uganda from 2021 to 2022. In addition, Kyambogo University in Uganda offers over 150 academic courses in several disciplines of study. Furthermore, Kyambogo University is one of the top 5 best universities to study agriculture courses in Uganda in 2022.

In our previous article, we shared comprehensive information about the agriculture courses offered at Ndejje University. Similarly, we also listed the most marketable agriculture courses in Uganda from 2021 to 2022. Today, we shall enlighten you about all the agriculture courses at Kyambogo University in Uganda 2022 (PDF).

Kyambogo University Bushenyi campus

First, before we jump to the list of the agriculture programs, we have to also acknowledge the Kyambogo University Bushenyi campus. Kyambogo University Bushenyi campus is one of the open learning centers for the day, evening, and weekend lectures. Furthermore, it also offers several academic programs that are available on the main campus.

In summary, below is a list of all the agriculture courses offered at Kyambogo University right now.

Agriculture Courses at Kyambogo University 2022

  1. Agribusiness Finance course at Kyambogo University, Uganda.
  2. Agribusiness Management, Kyambogo University Uganda.
  3. Agricultural Financing, Kyambogo University.
  4. Computerized Farm Records, Kyambogo University.
  5. Basic Agriculture Mechanic Skills, Kyambogo University.
  6. Farm Accounting.
  7. Farm Management.
  8. Indoor Plants.
  9. Animal Science.
  10. Soil Fertility & Fertilizers. Also,
  11. Horse Health & Nutrition.
  12. Animals in Society.
  13. Integrated Management.
  14. Farm Animal Diseases.
  15. Physiology of Reproduction.
  16. Grain Marketing.
  17. Weeds and their Control.
  18. Horse Health & Nutrition.
  19. Fundamentals of Welding.
  20. Plant Propagation.
  21. Agricultural Mathematics.
  22. Microcomputers in Agriculture.
  23. Sustainable Agriculture. And finally,
  24. Feeds and Feeding.
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Currently, Kyambogo University is the best agriculture university with the best academic programs in Uganda. Furthermore, it’s the best Engineering University in Uganda right now. We shall keep you posted from time to time on other courses offered at Kyambogo University.


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