5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Have Had Difficult Pregnancies

In this article, we shall list the Top 5 Kenyan Celebrities who have had difficult pregnancies.
First, most childless women really long to have at least one or even more than 2 babies of their own. Apparently, giving birth ain’t an easy undertaking as compared to getting pregnant. However, most women can confess about the fear they had before the first instance of giving birth. The percentage of women who encounter birth complications has been dynamic especially in the last five years globally.

Again, most women undergo emotional and physical challenges during pregnancy. Even more, at some instances, the process of delivering can turn out to be life threatening. For example, Kenyan female celebrity Size 8 recently shared on the challenges she went through. Below is a list of Top Kenyan Celebs who have undergone difficult pregnancy scenarios.

5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Have Had Difficult Pregnancies

  1. Pinky Ghelani.
    The radio host recently shared about her complications on her second pregnancy. This is because she was very sick during her trimester interval while pregnant. Above all, she has had over 4 miscarriages in her life. Despite the difficulties, she successfully managed to convince a baby girl.
  2. Singer Avril Kenya.
    Again, Singer Avril revealed about the challenges she faced before delivering her first baby. The singer revealed about fibroids infection she encountered before and slightly after pregnancy.
  3. Janet Mbugua.
    Also, Former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua didn’t shy away from revealing what she encountered. Through her YouTube channel, celebrity Janet revealed how difficult it was for her to deliver a naturally birth. This is because she had to undergo a CS for the second time.
  4. Size 8
    Finally, Gospel Singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 also admitted that her first pregnancy was the worst. She revealed the emotional and physical challenges she faced weeks before conceiving. For example, she had no appetite, and her blood pressure was above recommended units. Similarly, size 8 had a miscarriage on her planned second instance of delivering a baby child in 2018. However, her third pregnancy has finally been successful.

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