Best Business Schools in Uganda 2022 Top 10 LIST

This is a guide list of the Top 10 best business schools in Uganda in 2022. First of all, numerous universities in Uganda offer various business courses. However, we are going to list the accredited institutions to teach business courses by the Uganda National Education Board.

Again, the institutions in this article were selected in consideration of the course outline, students prosperity as well as the staff. Above all, business students from the listed universities beneath were more likely to be employed upon graduation. In conclusion, below is a list of the best business schools and universities in Uganda for the year 2022.

Top 10 Best Business Schools in Uganda 2022

  1. Bugema University Uganda, School of Business.
  2. Makerere University, Uganda; School of Business. It’s the best business university in Uganda in 2022.
  3. Gulu University Uganda, Faculty of Business & Development Studies.
  4. Eastern and Southern African Management Institute Business School – Kampala Campus.
  5. Kabale University in Uganda, Department of Business & Economics.
  6. Kampala International University Uganda, School of Business & Management.
  7. Kyambogo University Uganda, School of Management & Entrepreneurship.
  8. Mbarara University Uganda, Institute of Management Sciences.
  9. Muteesa I Royal University Faculty of Business Management.
  10. Ndejje University Uganda, Faculty of Business Administration.
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Top 20 Best Business colleges in Uganda today

  1. Nkumba University School of Business Administration.
  2. Uganda Management Institute School of Business, Productivity and Competitiveness.
  3. Uganda Martyrs University Faculty of Business Administration & Management.
  4. St. Augustine International University School of Business & Wealth Creation. And finally,
  5. Uganda Pentecostal University, Faculty of Business Administration. And finally,
  6. Uganda Technology and Management University.

Lastly, here are courses offered by Makerere Business Institute in Uganda.


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