Most Richest Journalists in Kenya 2022 Top 10 Highest-paid

Most Richest Journalists in Kenya 2020 Top 10 Highest Paid

Most Richest Journalists in Kenya 2022 Top 10 Highest-paid today.

Today, we shall enlighten you of the top 10 richest, highest-paid TV and Radio journalists in Kenya for 2022. Of course, most of us have heard rumors about several journalists bagging hundreds of thousands each month. Well, that is very encouraging especially to those hoping to pursue journalism and mass communication programs. If you missed our previous educational post, here are the most marketable courses to pursue in Kenya for 2022. Also, you can check on the high-paying diploma courses to study in Kenya in the 2022 academic year.

Highest-Paid TV and Radio Presenters in Kenya 2022

First, our list of the highest-paid journalists in Kenya comprises TV Anchors/ presenters and radio presenters. In extension, we shall generally cover the top 10 richest or highest-paid journalists in Kenya for the year 2022. Certainly, the highest-paid presenters in Kenya 2022 are those employed by Royal Media Services, owned by S.K Macharia. This is because over 80 percent of the journalists are the best in Kenya today.

For example, Francis Gachuri, Mwanahamisi Hamadi, Rashid Abdalla, Nimrod Taabu, Mashirima Kapombe, Hassan Mugambi, and many more. Furthermore, other Citizen TV news reporters are ranked as the best journalists in Kenya. For example, Raquel Muigai, Francis Mutalaki, Chemutai Goin, Laura Otieno, Nicky Gitonga, and many more.

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In short, the list of the best and highest-paid journalists in Kenya from 2021 to 2022 is endless. However, our list lacks some journalists like Ann Kiguta who retired from the media industry to join the Red Cross Society. We won’t mention all of them because a vast number of journalists have as well left the country.

Who is the richest journalist in Kenya 2022?

The richest and highest-paid Journalist in Kenya in 2022 right now is Jeff Koinange. Despite the rumors and news doing rounds on the internet about the millions Kenya journalists earn, that’s not the case. The million figures reflect the good-will pocket money for the endorsement by the Media houses and or to the journalists. It’s not easy to estimate who is the richest presently but our findings are the best so far. He is followed by Linus Kaikai and Francis Gachuri of Citizen TV.

Again, Journalists like Maina Kageni and Churchill earn more money through social media platforms by placing various firm advertisements. As a result, their total monthly earnings may hit up to KSh 900,000. That’s the definite truth.

In summary, we will list the names of the richest Journalists or presenters. Then, we will state their line of work and salary per month.

Top 10 Most Richest and Highest-Paid Journalists in Kenya 2022

In conclusion, below is a list of the top 10 highest-paidand most richest Journalists in Kenya for 2022. In other words, these are the highest-paid TV and radio presenters in Kenya in 2022 today. Have a look at the findings beneath.

Top 10 Highest-paid Journalists in Kenya 2022

1.Jeff Koinange – News Anchor, Talk Show Host at CITIZEN Television, and Radio Presenter at Hot 96 FM Kenya. Jeff Koinange is the highest paid Journalist in Kenya in 2022.
• Ksh 1.4 million

2. Linus Kaikai – Director of Strategy and Innovation of Citizen TV Kenya, and Chairman of the Kenya Editors Guild KEG. He’s the 2nd most paid journalist in Kenya in 2022.
• Ksh 924,500

3. Joe Ageyo – Editorial Director – Broadcasting at Nation Media Group, Kenya.
• Ksh 875,500

4. Maina Kageni – Radio Show host at Classic FM Kenya. He is the highest paid radio presenter in Kenya in 2022.
• Ksh 810,000

5. Francis Gachuri – Broadcast Journalist at Royal Media Services. Francis Gachuri is the highest paid Political Journalist in Kenya in 2022.
• Ksh 685,000

6. Rashid Abdalla – News Anchor at Citizen TV, Royal Media Services. Rashid Abdalla is the highest and most paid Swahili news Anchor and Journalist in Kenya in 2021/2022.
• Ksh 670,500

7. Mzazi Willy M.Tuva – Mambo Mseto Radio and TV show host and Presenter at Citizen TV Kenya. Willy Tuva is the best entertainment news journalist and presenter in Kenya in 2022.
• Ksh 590,000

8. Lulu Hassan – TV Anchor and Reporter at Citizen TV Kenya. Lulu Hassan is the most beautiful female journalist and news anchor in Royal Media Citizen TV Kenya.
• Ksh 550,000

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9. MwanaHamisi Amadi – Swahili News Anchor at Citizen TV, Royal Media Services. Mwanahamisi Amadi is the best female Swahili news anchor and journalist in Kenya in 2022. Her experience, fluency, etiquette, personality, attitude, and many more traits render her rank the best in Kenya.
• Ksh 535,000

10. Caroline Mutoko – Marketing Manager at Radio Africa Group Limited. She comfortably sits at the top 10 list of the most richest and highest paid journalists in Kenya in 2022.
• Ksh 470,000

Top 20 Most Richest and Highest-Paid Journalists in Kenya 2022

11. Victoria Rubadiri – Senior English News Anchor at Citizen Television, Royal Media Services Kenya.
• Ksh 460,500

12. Lilian Muli Kanene – News Anchor at Citizen Television, Royal Media Services. She is the most influential female journalist on social media in Kenya today.
• Ksh 450,500

13. Yvonne Okwara – Senior News Anchor at Citizen Television, Royal Media Services.
• Ksh 440,500

14. Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill Radio Show Host at Classic 105 FM Kenya, and Comedian.
• Ksh 430,000

15. Betty Kyalo – Broadcast Journalist at Mediamax Networks Ltd. She is the second most beautiful female journalist in Kenya in 2022.
• Ksh 420,000

16. Mbusi – Radio show presenter at Radio Jambo Kenya.
• Ksh 400,000. And finally,

17. Willis Raburu – Hot 96 Radio Presenter, News Anchor as well as a TV Presenter at Citizen TV Kenya. He ranks among the top 10 to 20 highest paid and richest journalists in Kenya in 2022. Willis Raburu is the most influential TV presenter for the youth category in Kenya today.
• Ksh 375,000


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