UMI Short Courses 2022 pdf Uganda Management Institute

This is a pdf list of the short courses offered at the UMI Uganda Management Institute from 2022 to 2025.

First of all, UMI, Uganda Management Institute is a government-controlled federal training institution. The institution virtually deals with training, exploration, and consultancy in the field of administration and leadership in Uganda. Certainly, it’s for that reason accredited to award Masters, Degree, and Diploma certifications. Furthermore, Uganda Management Institute offers additional certifications upon program completion. For example, postgraduate diplomas, Professional programs, short courses as well as Ph.D.

In summary, below is a PDF list of the short courses offered at the Uganda Management Institute/ UMI in 2022.

UMI Short Courses 2022 PDF

  1. A short course in Effective Communication and Presentation Skills.
  2. Driving Marketing Innovations and Branding.
  3. Delivering Great Customer Experience (Customer Care).
  4. Managing Marketing Performance (Marketing Metrics).
  5. A short course in Digital Marketing.
  6. Managing Public Relations and Public Speaking short course.
  7. Project Planning and Management.
  8. Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Again,
  9. Project Proposal Writing and Resource Mobilisation.
  10. Strategic Planning and Management short course in UMI. Also,
  11. Management Skills Improvement short course.
  12. A short course in Consultancy Skills Development.
  13. Managing Cooperatives and SACCOs.
  14. Strategic Human Resource Management.
  15. Performance Management in Organisations.
  16. Training of Trainers course.
  17. Effective Leadership, Mentoring, and Coaching Skills in Contemporary Organisations.
  18. A short course in Stores management and Material control.
  19. Managing the tendering Process and Contract Management. And finally,
  20. A short course in Procurement and Supply Chain Management.
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