Pastor Kills Wife in Mombasa then Kills Himself While In Church

Pastor Kills Wife in Mombasa then Kills Himself While In Church.

Days after a man committed suicide while undergoing treatment, another bizarre occurrence emerges in Mombasa County. This follows after a pastor stabbed his spouse to death during a church service on the 5th of January 2020. Above all, the pastor as well ended his life by committing suicide at the scene of the crime. According to reports, the two couples were not in good terms following some familial matters.

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Pastor Kills Wife in Mombasa then Kills Himself While In Church

The late Pastor Elisha Misiko, was the preacher of Ground For Jesus Church in Chembani area of Bamburi, Mombasa county. Before the tragedy, Elisha and his wife sat next to one another. As per the news, Pastor Elisha unexpectedly stabbed the wife on the back and then on the neck.

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Subsequently, Elisha immediately slashed his neck using the same knife before being captured by synagogue members. Rather, the wife died in the hospital while undergoing treatment and medical attendance.

Mombasa Pastor Stabs Wife Photos

Julius Kiragu, the Police Commander of Kisauni area affirmed the immoral saga. Further, he revealed that the woman had written a 17 page letter clarifying all the domestic disagreements between the couples. However, Police Commander Julius could not instantly uncover further about the suicide note details.

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Finally, the bodies of the perished spouses are currently at the Coast General Hospital mortuary.

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