Least Marketable Courses in Kenya 2023 Today

Least Marketable Courses in Kenya 2022

This is a guide list of the least marketable or unmarketable degree courses in Kenya from 2022 to 2023. First, students who scored low grades tend to pursue the least marketable courses. We hope that you read about the C Plain courses in Kenya that are high paying and employable. Whereas unmarketable courses were flooded in Kenya, nowadays, the least marketable courses are less flooded in Kenya. Most Crowded Courses in Kenya today.

However, not all graduates land a successful employment opportunity after graduation. Through our findings, several graduates lacked employed opportunities despite attaining good grades. This is because there are a few employers, and most of these programs are not diverse in Kenya.

Most of the courses offered in Kenya universities today are flooded since they are hotcake while others are not. Certainly, the least flooded courses in Kenya are rated as the unmarketable or rather worst courses in Kenya. Again, the least marketable courses in Kenya are as well the easiest courses to study today.

Hence, it’s a good priority to do thorough research on the highly demanded courses in Kenya before application. If you are contemplating what course to study at the college, we shall perfectly guide you. Below are the worst and most unmarketable courses in Kenya from 2022 to 2023 academic years.

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Least Marketable Courses in Kenya 2023

  1. Gender Development. Firstly, Gender development is the most unmarketable or least marketable course in Kenya in 2023 today.
  2. Political Science. It’s the second least marketable course in Kenya for the year 2023.
  3. Physical Education.
  4. Anthropology.
  5. Records Management.
  6. Theology, Youth Ministry, and Biblical Studies.
  7. Library courses.
  8. Forestry and Environmental Planning.
  9. Animal Husbandry. Also,
  10. Sport Science.
  11. Criminal Justice.
  12. Childcare and Protection.
  13. Psychology and Counselling, and finally,
  14. Meteorology program. It tops the list of the least marketable degree courses in Kenya in 2022 today to 2023.
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Lastly, you may have a look at the best Engineering courses in Kenya for the year 2023.


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