10 Kenyan Celebrities Who are HIV Positive

In this article, we shall cover a number of topics about Kenya celebs or Kenyan celebrities and musicians who are HIV positive. For example, top 10 Kenyan politicians who are HIV positive, celebrities/ celebrity in Kenya who have HIV, and so on.

Certainly, most of the Kenyan Celebrities and politicians have publicly confessed to being HIV Positive. Before, having HIV/AIDS meant the worst for most people; actually, it was like the end of life for the infected. This is because the majority of the HIV/AIDS victims were committing suicide due to stigmatization and seclusion.

However, things have changed. People living with HIV can now appreciate that living with the infection is not the boundary of one’s existence.

In fact, many stars and famous people in Kenya have emerged publicly to announce their HIV/AIDS status. Moreover, they have gone ahead to battle disgrace and inspire individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Nevertheless, we have Kenyan politicians who are HIV positive/ hiv+ but still undertaking leadership duties perfectly well.

Is Ruto HIV positive?

NO. Kenyan politician Ruto is not HIV positive as some of you might be thinking. Above all, Ruto is not infected with the Coronavirus, COVID-19. In short, his health status is ideal and excellent as far as we know.

Is Mercy Masika HIV positive

NO. Kenyan top sensational female gospel singer Mercy Masika is not HIV positive. Mercy Masika is HIV negative. Furthermore, Mercy Masika is a wife to a lovely husband, and mother of a boy and a girl child.

Top Kenyan politicians who are HIV positive

We all know how it’s difficult to identify who or which of the Kenyan politicians are HIV positive. However, the good thing about this is that these leaders are doing a great job is sensitizing Kenyans about the disease. Moreover, these initiatives are aided by the government.

Below is a recap of the Top 10 Kenyan celebs or celebrities in Kenya who have publicly disclosed to be HIV positive.

10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are HIV Positive


Richard is a well-known Kenyan rapper from the union of Ukoo Flani. The artist is an HIV/AIDS advisor who came out forcefully to confess that he is living positively.


Also, Phenny, a 27-year-old mommy of two doesn’t shy off when it comes to issues of HIV/AIDS. She participates in several seminars, radio shows and dialogues to educate people living with HIV/AIDS on how to live positively. Phenny is a courageous lady who has decided to battle stigma. Above all, she is a great supporter and mentor on topics about practices in safe sex.

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Kennedy Okwako

He was a Kenyan musician and MC who was based in Wurzburg, Germany. Kennedy got the HIV infection from his German girlfriend. Later on, he was detained for infecting eight different women. He passed away in 2015.

Joji Biro

Biro is a prominent gospel artist who has publicly admitted that he is HIV positive.

Evelyn Simaloi

She was infected by her friend’s ex-boyfriend in the year 1999. However, she didn’t know about her HIV status until the day she applied for employment that required blood examinations.  


Finally, Frigacy was the first celeb in Kenya to admit that he is HIV positive. He died on 23rd March, 2014 under uncertain occurrences.


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