Mary Nzomo Education and Biography Trans Nzoia County

In this article, we shall enlighten you about Trans Nzoia County Agriculture Minister Mary Nzomo education and biography. First of all, there are over 3,000 Kenyan women who are the most influential in business, innovation and technology today. Mary Nzomo is one of the most honourable women not only in Trans Nzoia County but also in Kenya.

Mary Nzomo Education and Biography Trans Nzoia County

Firstly, Hon Mary Nzomo is the current Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in Trans Nzoia County of Kenya. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics from Egerton University. In addition, she also holds a Masters of Science degree in Entrepreneurship from JKUAT which she was awarded in the year 2014.

Similarly, Mary Nzomo has other professional qualifications related to her line of interest. These include;

  • Certificate in Senior Management Course, 2013.
  • Certificate in Strategic and Leadership Development Programme from Kenya School of Government, 2015.

Certainly, her placement in the Agricultural docket in Trans Nzoia was the best appointment ever for the county. Most importantly, at only 50, Mary Nzomo has over 13 years of experience in the Agricultural department. Have a look at the various positions she has held before to date.

  • District Agricultural Officer at Kimilili & Trans Nzoia – 6 years.
  • Sub County Agricultural officer at Kwanza – 1 year.
  • County Chief officer of Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives Development – 1 year.
  • Chief Officer of Agriculture, Trans Nzoia County – 2½ years. And finally,
  • Acting CEC Member for Agriculture in County Government of Trans Nzoia – 2½ years.
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Mary Nzomo Biography

We as ugwire have to recognize Hon Mary Nzomo as one of the most blooming lady in her career. Her speech, skills in Agriculture and many more will indeed make you appreciate her. At most instances, Mary Nzomo appears on Citizen TV #SemaNaCitizen program alongside reporter Collins Shityabai.

In summary, below is a recent statement by Mary Nzomo about her career path and focus for the Agricultural sector.

“My career spans over a period of 24 years with a wealth of experience in Agricultural Extension and implementation of various donor funded programmes .I’ve held several leadership positions during my career and also received several awards for best performance as a Departmental Head. I aspire to empower the Kenyan agriculturists since the Country’s economy is Agriculture driven with over 80% of the population depending on Agriculture for their livelihood. I look forward to meeting and networking with like minded individuals & organizations with a passion for spurring, developing & advancing Agricultural growth for the good of the farming community.”

NB: We shall keep you updated on the latest about Trans Nzoia County Minister for Agriculture, Mrs Mary Nzomo education and biography.


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