Pastor Baluku Conned Shs 1.5 Million By Comedian Kapele

Pastor Baluku Conned Shs 1.5 Million By Comedian kapele

Pastor Baluku Conned Shs 1.5 Million By Comedian Kapele. A pastor in Uganda is just unhappy indeed after he met an urban used character who was thirsty of some pocket cash. Not good at all especially conning someone not considering he or she might as well be in need of some services or goods. Furthermore, in the name of promising to deliver something in exchange for the money.

Ugandan comedian Yokaana Mbuusi aka Kapele Lufotose could not spare the man of God even after failing him. Certainly, Pastor Baluku of Nankuwadde village, Bulenga in Mityana, who is also an upcoming musician, fell in the wrong hands. As per what transpired, Kapele was given 1.5 million by Pastor Baluku in order to feature in his music video. The Shs 1.5 million was to be shared between Kapele (500,000) and Amooti (1,000,000).

Pastor Baluku Conned Shs 1.5 Million By Comedian Kapele.

This is what Pastor Baluku had to say;
“I asked Kapele if he could come and do comedy in our music videos. He accepted and when I asked him if he could get us Amooti, he said yes. I took him to my pastor who funds my music and he was given Shs 1.5m — 1m was to be given to Amooti and 500,000 as his share.”

On the other hand, Comedian Kapele had to resurface after the news went viral on social media platforms. As a result, Kapele resorted to accepting his faults and further, pleading for mercy. Below is what he said;
“I have been in the field looking for money because I want to refund their money. Also, I have heard that the video has already been shot, but I am begging them to have mercy on me. In addition, I have to look for money to feed my children but those people are very impatient.”


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