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Nice Wanjeri Viral Video Download Auntie Boss Actress Nyce

Nice Wanjeri Viral Video Download Auntie Boss Actress Nyce. First of all, social media platforms are currently one of the best platforms for business marketing today. This is because millions and billions of people visit the social media platforms each and every day.

However, social media can turn out to be embarrassing when not well utilized. This is because numerous public figures end up trending on funny or unbelievable topics. Hence, this may either positively or negatively impact their reputation. In this article, we shall highlight on how to download auntie boss actress Nyce or Nice Wanjeri Viral Video clip.

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Former Auntie Boss actress, Nice Wanjeri, aka Shiru, has been trending after a viral video clip took waves on social media. However, Shiru has come out to address the issue by denying the claims that she was also in the tape.

As a result, this is what she said through her social media accounts; “Haiyaa! Hivi ndio mwaka mpya after birthday inaanza?! Naambiwa jana mtandao imewaka moto juu ya ile kuni imerushwa huko. Halafu maswali za “Ni yeye?! Ni wewe?!” she added.

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Certainly, we as Ugwire media are yet to realize whether or not it was genuinely real. This is because trust is something that should never be bought but developed in anyone’s life.

Furthermore, many fans came out to challenge the gossips. However, others remained convinced that she was the one in the video clip. In contrast, it was her birthday just the day when the news broke up.

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