Did Sheila Gashumba Bribe To Join NTV

Did Uganda’s top female celebrity Sheila Gashumba bribe in order to join NTV Uganda? Former NTV Login presenter Robin Kisti, reveals the hidden news on what transpired before Sheila Gashumba’s NTV appointment. According to Robin Kisti, Frank Gashumba (Sheila’s father) spent too much money in order for her daughter to be employed. Sheila Gashumba in aid of her parents have been spending sleepless nights under closed door meetings with the management at NTV.

Certainly, Robin Kisti continues to reveal by saying that Sheila Gashumba lacks adequate media knowledge and real content. Sheila co-hosted undeserving shows like it was with Kleith and Douglas Lwanga. In short, below is a statement by Robin Kisti on why Sheila Gashumba did not even deserve the 50k salary. Have a look;

“You wonder why she was paid 50K, because she was forced on to the station by her Daddy. She was always late for shows, demanding too Much, She had no real experience and was on NTV to make a Name. She went into it knowing she needed a platform. There was no show for Sheila to do so the station was struggling to fit her somewhere and of course like they always do, they Bribed there way on to the beat which already had a host.”

Last but not least, it seems like the Robin Kisti and Sheila Gashumba are having some personal issues/ misunderstandings. This is due to the fact that Robin went ahead to expose Sheila’s secret love affairs. Have a look on what she shared on social media platform;
“While at the age of 15 girls are at home being pampered by parents, you instead shocked me by fondling with a married man inside a car.”

Finally, did Uganda Socialite Sheila Gashumba deserve to bribe in order to join NTV Uganda?


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