Why Kampala University Student Was Shot and Killed 2019

Why Kampala University Student was Shot and Killed in 2019.

First, the Kampala university fraternity is mourning the death of a student shot dead by a private security guard. The incident occurred within the Jinja satellite campus in early December 2019.
Katagwa Isaac, 26 years old, met his death just before the 2020 January graduation. In contrast, Katagwa Isaac was a part-time employee at the Kampala University Jinja campus.

Kiira Region Police spokesperson Diana Nandaula confirmed that the occurrence took place at Walukuba Masese Sub-county in Jinja municipality at night. Certainly, Diana also managed to identify the 37 years old criminal suspect named Sayyid Zaid. Furthermore, the suspect is an employee of Star React private Company based in Jinja town. Hence, this prompted Jinja Central police to launch investigations into the reason as to why the student was shot dead. As investigations commence, first-hand reports indicate that the security guard thought Isaac Katagwa was a criminal.

Why Kampala University Student Was Shot and Killed 2019

On the other hand, one of the staff (anonymous) disclosed that the 2 had an agitated argument before the incident. Below is what he said.
“This is an institution of adults where all staff and students are treated with respect. As the two individuals kept on arguing, we played it cool only to hear a gunshot later.”

As a result, the security guard Sayyid Zaid is currently in Jinja custody. Also, the gun is currently withheld by police as an exhibit for the investigations. Finally, Karagwa Isaac’s body is at Jinja referral hospital mortuary for Postmortem examinations.


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