Richest Bollywood Actress Net Worth 2021 India [Top 10 List]

In our previous article, we covered the richest celebrities in India or Bollywood in 2021. Similarly, we also listed the richest celebrities in the world in 2021. Today, we shall list the top 10 Forbes richest Bollywood actress or actresses net worth in India 2021.

First, this poll of the top 10 richest actresses in India lists the annual earnings before taxes, legal levies, and contributions to directors and other envoys. Currently, the richest actress in Bollywood is Alia Bhatt. Certainly, Alia Bhatt made an income of 59.21 crores in the year 2019.

Deepika Padukone is the second richest Bollywood actress in India for the year 2021. Besides acting, Deepika Padukone earns a lot of money from endorsements and advertising campaigns.

In summary, we will list the name of the richest Bollywood actress or actresses. Then, we will state their annual income for the year 2021.

Top 10 Richest Actress in Bollywood 2021

  1. Bhatt Alia. Income: 60.25 crores.
  2. Deepika Padukone. Income: 49 crores.
  3. Anushka Sharma. Income: 28.67 crores.
  4. Priyanka Chopra Jona. Income: 23.4 crores.
  5. Katrina Kaiff. Income: 23.63 crores.
  6. Madhuri Dixit Nene. Income: 10.83 crores.
  7. Jacqueline Fernandez. Income: 9.5 crores.
  8. Shraddha Kapoor. Income: 8.3 crores.
  9. Kriti Sanon. Income: 8.20 crores. And finally,
  10. Sonakshi Sinha. Income: ₹ 6.14 crores.
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We shall keep you posted on the top 10 list of richest Bollywood actress net worth in India in the year 2021.


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