How Keko Ugandan Musician and Rapper was Raped in Canada

How Ugandan Musician and Rapper Keko was Raped in Canada.

A vast number of Ugandan women have in the past reported about gender violence cases especially while away from the motherland. For example, numerous Ugandan women working in the Arabian nations have in the past claimed to be denied their rights. According to Rapper Keko, the incident happened while on a night out with friends. The reports follow after she updated her twitter handle with the allegations.

How Ugandan Female Musician and Rapper Keko was Raped in Canada

Below is what Rapper Keko posted on the social media platform, twitter;
“So apparently I never thought people can pay people you know to invite you to an event, spike your drink and have you raped then tell you a wild story like you are a first-time drinker.”

Again, she posted an update on social media about the incidence and this is how it read.
“So after I was invited to this event by an elderly lady from my motherland to come and share her moment of triumph and by elderly I mean wanting and needing assistance and walking elderly I obliged as she was somebody I remembered from my childhood, a neighbor. I mean that was a great move.”

Rather, it seems like Musician and Rapper Keko was set up by her close friend. We are waiting to find out more news concerning the saga.

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Furthermore, Jocelyne Tracey Keko suffered several injuries from the criminals. Currently, she is nursing bruises all over her body and dents on her lips.


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