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Best Banks in Uganda 2020 Top 10 Performing List

Best and top banks in Uganda 2020

Top Banks in Uganda 2020

In this article, we are going to list the top 10 best performing banks in Uganda for the year 2020 rankings. Firstly, there are numerous commercial banks in Uganda in 2020 that offer a vast variety of banking products and services. However, most of them are a subsidiary of other banking and finance institutions that are International.

First of all, the banks in Uganda are under the governance of the Bank of Uganda which is the Central Bank of Uganda. This is because the Bank of Uganda is a bank of the government of Uganda. Similarly, the Bank of Uganda is responsible for providing a stable price and financial system in the country. Again, it’s as well worth stimulating macroeconomic stability throughout the Republic of Uganda’s financial sector.

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Some of the top and best performing banks in Uganda in 2020 that have hundreds of thousands and millions of clients are really succeeding. For example, Stanbic Bank that became Grindlays Bank until 1991 when Standard Bank bought Grindlays Banking firm in Africa. As a result, it was later rebranded to Stanbic Bank (Uganda) Limited that now has its headquarters in Kampala city.

Which is the biggest bank in Uganda?

Stanbic Bank is the biggest and largest bank in Uganda today. On the other hand, we researched the best performing banks in Uganda from 2019 to 2020. Certainly, the list below is a recap of all our findings. If you missed our previous article on commercial banks in Uganda 2020, you may find it here.

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List Of Top 10 Best Performing Banks in Uganda 2020

  1. Stanbic Bank of Uganda. Stanbic bank tops the list of top 10 best performing banks in Uganda in 2020 rankings. Above all, it has maintained the first position as the best performing bank in Uganda for over 5 years now.
  2. DFCU Bank. DFCU is the best performing bank in Uganda in 2020. This is because of the good returns at each of the quarterly earnings and dividend reports.
  3. Centenary Bank of Uganda. It’s also one of the best banks in Uganda in 2020 today.
  4. Standard Chartered Bank of Uganda.
  5. Barclays Bank of Uganda. Again, Barclay’s bank is not only one of the best banks in Uganda but in the whole world today.
  6. Bank of Baroda Uganda Limited.
  7. Citibank Uganda.
  8. Equity Bank of Uganda.
  9. Housing Finance Bank, Uganda. And finally,
  10. Bank of Africa Uganda Ltd (BOA-Uganda).
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