List of Commercial Banks in Kenya 2022

Kenya is the biggest economy and the richest country in East Africa today after Seychelles. There are numerous banking and financial institutions that support the stability of a country’s economic stability. Today, we shall provide the number and list of the top 10 best commercial banks in Kenya in 2022.

In our previous article, we listed the best banks in Kenya. Furthermore, we also discussed and revealed which are the best banks for students in Kenya currently. We hope that you’re gaining extensive financial knowledge from our website that will empower your life today and henceforth.

Number of Commercial Banks in Kenya 2022

The number of licensed commercial banks in Kenya in 2022 today is 42. Certainly, the number of commercial banks in Kenya comprises commercial banks, mortgage finance institutions, and non-operating holding companies. Again, all banks in Kenya are regulated by the Kenya Bankers Association in collaboration with the Central Bank of Kenya.

In summary, below is a number list of the top 10 best commercial banks in Kenya currently. Also, the list defines bank rankings in Kenya in 2022 as per today’s latest findings.

List Of Commercial Banks In Kenya 2022

  1. Kenya Commercial Bank Group, KCB. KCB is the top on the list of the best commercial banks in Kenya from 2021 to 2022.
  2. Co-operative Bank of Kenya.
  3. Equity Group of Banks Kenya.
  4. Diamond Trust Bank.
  5. Standard Chartered Bank.
  6. I&M Holdings.
  7. Barclay’s Bank of Kenya.
  8. Stanbic Holdings.
  9. NIC Bank of Kenya. And finally,
  10. Housing Finance Group.

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