AA Driving School Fees Structure 2022 Kenya PDF

Today, we shall list all the driver training divisions in AA Driving School Kenya plus its Fees Structure for the year 2022, PDF.

First of all, AA Driving School is the best Driving school in Kenya. Furthermore, it’s the largest Automobile Association in Kenya with over 100,000 members and several branches in the major towns. For example, AA driving school Westlands, AA driving school Kiambu, AA driving school Eldoret, and many more. Certainly, it’s the ancientest driving school in Kenya as it was founded in 1962.

Most noteworthy, it’s honored for its commitment to safe and credible driving. Also, for it’s professional and disciplined instructors who are all certified and licensed by the Government of Kenya.
Again, AA Driving School is recognized by the Government, International Organisations and Corporate Private Sector.

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Certainly, most motorists lack proficiency and awareness of the hazards involved on the roads and highways. But in all AA driving school branches, drivers are as well trained in defensive driving skills and techniques.

Hence, attaining the knowledge of operating an automotive from AA Driving School increases your employment opportunity. In contrast, the fee structure at AA Driving School is so affordable just like other driving schools for the 2022 calendar.

In summary, below is a PDF list of the AA Driving School courses and fees structure in Kenya in 2022. Have a look beneath;

AA Driving School Fees Structure in Kenya 2022 PDF

The courses are available in five categories namely:-
Motor Cycle Riding Course. Category A. It costs KES 4,500/-.
Light Vehicle Driving Course. Category B. It costs KES 17,500/-.
Heavy Commercial Vehicle Driving Instruction. Category C. It costs KES 19,900/-.
Commercial Vehicles (PSV) Driving Course. Category D. It costs of KES 11,500/-. And finally,
Refresher Driver Course. KES 10,000 for a minimum of 15 lessons.

NOTE: Refresher driving course enables you to become a better, prudent and more optimistic driver. Again, a refresher driving course reduces the road risks to yourself, your passengers and automatically to other highway users. In short, it’s very useful especially in updating your driving skills. Moreover, aa driving school duration for the refresher course only takes 5-10 working days at most. Lastly, below are the contacts for the AA Driving School in Kenya.

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AA Driving School Kenya Contacts

Automobile Association of Kenya.
Renaissance Corporate Park, Upper Hill.
P.O Box 40087-00100 Nairobi.

Mobile Phone Numbers
0722205106 | 0733620966
0720227267 | 0720261576

In conclusion, we shall keep you posted on any changes to the fees structure at AA Driving School in Kenya for the year 2022.


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