Top 10 Richest Tribes in Kenya 2023

Richest Tribes in Kenya 2022

Today, we shall cover the wealthiest or rather, the top 10 most richest tribes in Kenya in 2023. Before we go further, we hope that you read our recent trending article on the poorest tribes in Kenya in 2023. Moreover, you realized why certain communities are poorer while others are the richest in Kenya.

First, Kenya is one of the developing countries in Africa that is struggling to stabilize its economy. However, the efforts have not been successful over a vast number of years despite its huge national budget allocations. More so, the budget has been increasing enormously every year. With proper planning and national treasury effective audit trail reports and accounting, positive development results are guaranteed. Probably, this might be the reason why there are some counties and tribes that are ranked richest and poorest in Kenya.

What are the top 3 richest tribes in Kenya?

In Kenya today, the richest tribes are even the most popular and well-known tribes in the country. The Kikuyu, Kisii, and Kalenjin are currently the top 3 wealthiest Kenyan Tribes today.

Which tribe in Kenya is the richest?

The Kikuyu community is currently the top richest tribe in Kenya in 2023 today. Kikuyus are the richest because most of their people are business investors and in the government’s top seats in various state positions.

The second richest tribe in Kenya right now is the Kalenjin community, followed by the Kisii.

Despite the notion that most of the Kikuyu are thieves in all aspects, we strongly disregard that. Ugwire Media platform stands with this because we are always open and honest in all our opinions on the internet.

In conclusion, below is a list of the top 10 wealthiest tribes in Kenya in 2023. Have a look at our hierarchies from our findings as of today.

Top 10 Richest Tribes in Kenya in 2023

1. Kikuyu. The Kikuyu are the richest tribe in Kenya in 2023 today. This is because Kikuyu individuals are hardworking, devoted as well as go-getters. Despite some of them failing in various aspects of business, they keep on trying always.

2. Kalenjins. It’s the second richest community or tribe in Kenya in 2023. Most of their wealth comes from agricultural activities and production. Moreover, the Kalenjins are the best Marathon athletes in Kenya. Similarly, most of them have won global awards in Athletics. As such, this has made them e more wealthy people in Kenya.

3. Kisii. Again, the Kisii community is also one of the richest tribes in Kenya ever since. This is because of the rich and fertile agricultural land in Kisii County. In addition, the Kisii people are found in almost all the districts in Kenya doing business.

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4. Somali. Even though they are few, the Somalians in Kenya are rich. Somalians rank in the top 10 list of the richest tribes in Kenya in 2023 today. This is because they are always hardworking and devoted to their business investments.

5. Meru and Embu. The Meru and Embu communities tie in 5th place among the top 10 wealthiest tribes in Kenya in 2023. This is because the cash crop in their lands is free to harvest and sell.

7. Luo. We all have seen the Luo celebrities in Kenya, and how wealthy they are. Furthermore, most of the richest Luo in Kenya drive the most expensive cars, live in the most expensive apartments, and so on. In addition, Luo is the best community in Kenya in terms of Football sports.

8. Luhya. The Luhya are also among the richest tribes in Kenya today.

9. Kamba. And finally,

10. Asians. The Asians are the last on the list of the top 10 wealthiest tribes in Kenya in 2023.



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