Interesting Facts about Kenya Safari & Economy

Kenya is a country in East Africa with a coastline on the Indian Ocean. In addition, Kenya borders with five countries like Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Kenya relies on agriculture, fishing, tourism, manufacturing, and financial services as its major enterprises. In this article, we shall educate you on 15 interesting facts about Kenya safari & economy.

Is Kenya a poor Country?

Although Kenya is the biggest economy in East Africa today, Kenya is still a poor country with almost half of the population living below breadline. This is because of the several political and environmental problems that Kenya is facing. Some of the problems include health problems, government corruption, environmental issues like flooding, deforestration, poaching and many more.

What is Kenya’s most famous for?

  1. Kenya is famous for its geographical nature as it encompasses savannah, lakelands, the amazing Great Rift Valley, and mountain highlands.
  2. Again, Kenya is famous for it is also a home to the big five animals like lions, buffalos, leopards, elephants, and rhinos.
  3. Kenya is famous for being one of the world’s tourist attraction and travel destinations in Africa
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In summary, below is a list of top 20 interesting facts about Kenya safari & economy.

Interesting Facts about Kenya

  • Firstly, Lake Victoria is the world’s second largest freshwater lake found in Kenya. Most importantly, Kenya shares Lake Victoria with Tanzania and Uganda.
  • In Kenya, people drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • Kenya is ranked 33 in the list of the most populated countries in the world.
  • Kenya shares its land borders with 5 other countries namely Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.
  • The last time a volcano erupted in Kenya was in 1922.
  • Life expectancy at birth is 65 years for females and 62 years for males.
  • The big five wild animals namely rhinos, leopards, lions, buffalo, and elephants are all found in Kenya. Also,
  • Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya.
  • Kenya is the 49th largest country in the world.
  • Princess Elizabeth was staying at Kenya’s Treetops Hotel on February 6, 1952.
  • Barack Obama became the first American President to visit Kenya. And finally,
  • Ugali and Nyama Choma are the most popular dishes in Kenya.

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