Why K24 Top Journalists and Editors Were Sacked 2019

Why K24 Mediamax Networks sacked numerous Top Journalists and Editors in 2019.

According to the present reports, it is still unknown why the K24 Mediamax media house has sacked top Journalists and Editors. Certainly, junior employees were sacked by Mediamax Network company that is owned by Politician William Ruto. It’s still unclear under which circumstances they were fired as we await an official report from the Managerial Department.

First of all, K24 is a media firm previously managed by Mediamax Networks Limited in collaboration with TV Africa Holdings. However, in the late 2017’s, it was rumored that Uhuru dispatched most of the shares to William Ruto. Despite its existence under Mediamax Networks that’s controlled by TV Africa Holdings, K24 is currently under the control of William Samoe Ruto.

In 2018, K24 snatched numerous top-ranked journalists and reporters from several best media houses across the country. Probably, this was in a bid to generate more viewers who were fans of the journalists. As a result, the media house managed to gain more aficionados across the nation. However, most Kenyans still question why K24 TV Top Journalists and Editors got sacked in 2019.

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Why K24 sacked Top Journalists and Editors in 2019

According to other sources, news has it that this is because of the tough economic times in the country. Similarly, additional reports suggest that Mediamax meant to sack roughly over 150 correspondents in another mass outflow.

In short, below is a list of Top Journalists and Editors sacked by K24 Media House.

  • Fred Njiri – Managing Editor K24 
  • Tony Timase – Head of Business k24
  • Ali Mtenzi – K24 Deputy Managing Editor.
  • Torome Tirike – Head of sports department.
  • Franklin Wambugu – Managing Editor, Swahili
  • Anders Ihaji – K24 Top Political News Reporter
  • Frankilin Macharia – Senior News Reporter.
  • Mwanaisha Chidzuga – K24 Swahili News anchor.
  • Juma Bhalo – K24 Swahili News Anchor.

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