Mwanahamisi Hamadi Tribe & Mapishi Cooking Recipes

Mwanahamisi Hamadi Tribe, Mapishi & Cooking Recipes. Citizen TV Kenya is full of the best male and female TV presenters in Kenya since 2010 to date. In addition, the news anchors are the best in either English or Kiswahili languages. In this article, we shall cover on Mwanahamisi Hamadi who is the best Female Swahili news anchor in Kenya currently. Most importantly, we shall also focus on Mwanahamisi Hamadi Tribe, Instagram, Education, Biography, Mapishi & Cooking Recipes.

Mwanahamisi Hamadi Tribe

First of all, many people have been asking about Mwanahamisi Hamadi tribe. Mwanahamisi Hamadi is a Luhya by tribe. However, she has lived in the coastal regions of Kenya and this is where her fluency is Swahili language comes from. She likes travelling to Mombasa almost every month. For example, a week before the Likoni saga of a sinking car, Mwanahamisi was also in Mombasa Likoni area.

Mwanahamisi Education and Biography

Again, Mwanahamisi Hamadi is a Bachelor of Arts degree holder from the University of Nairobi. Moreover, she has over 11 years of experience in journalism and mass communication. Furthermore, she is the producer of the Mwanamke Bomba show that airs on Citizen TV Kenya. Similarly, she’s also the producer and host of Siha na Maumbile show that comes every Thursday on Sema na Citizen. As such, Mwanahanisi has won several awards, the most recent being on empowering of women, Mwanamke Bomba. Above all, she is a TV news anchor of Sema na Citizen, as well as Nipashe on Citizen TV 7:00 pm news.

In 2015 April, Mwanahamisi, Swaleh Mdoe, and other journalists were suspended over bribery claims. Certainly, it was uncovered that they received a bribe from a politician in order not to disclose about the legislature.

Mwanahamisi Hamadi Mapishi and Cooking Recipes

We have to all agree that Mwanahamisi is one of the best cooks in Kenya. Why are we saying so? Because we have seen her show Mapishi Time on Viusasa with her incredible recipes for cooking delicious and good looking meals.
Mwanahamisi Hamadi mapishi Time show on Viusasa displays her incredible recipes for cooking piquant and toothsome meals. Its the reason why we have to all agree that she is one of the best cooks in Kenya today.

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Mwanahamisi Hamadi Cooking Recipes
Mwanahamisi Hamadi Tribe & Mapishi Cooking Recipes
Mwanahamisi Hamadi Mapishi and Cooking Recipes Photos
Mwanahamisi Hamadi Recipes

Finally, here is the truth on the trending news about Mwanahamisi Hamadi beaten.


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