Presenter Sharitah Mutawe Snatches Joy Kihuguru’s Husband

Presenter Sharitah Mutawe Snatches Pastor Joy Kihuguru’s Husband Noah Kayondo.

Presenter Sharitah Mutawe Snatches Pastor Joy Kihuguru’s Husband Noah Kayondo.

Emikolo N’Embagga’ Presenter Sharitah Mutawe is a former Television Presenter of Bukedde TV who is currently working at Delta TV. Not so past, Sharitah divorced with her husband Richard Mutawe after six years of marriage and union. However, it seems that Presenter Sharitah Mutawe could not sustain staying and being single. This follows after she publicly introduced his new man Noah Kayondo.

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However, most ladies and women, on the other hand, were not happy about Sharitah’s move not forgetting she is still aging. This is because several women on social media platforms showed their distress as well as concern for Sharitah. Rather, the majority of the ladies perceived her move as an absolute disrespectful woman who had made a wrong turn. As things started getting sour, Noah Kayondo’s ex-wife Pastor Joy Kihuguru opened up her innermost feelings of care. Certainly, Pastor Joy advising Sharitah to open her eyes. According to Pastor Joy Kihuguru’s statements, Noah Kayondo is a serial and serious womanizer. She further posted on social media by saying this, “Please find your own man. “

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Presenter Sharitah Mazzi Mawanvu (Mutaawe) has however kept her ears closed to the advice from her fellow women. Moreover, she has dismissed all the sentiments and even mentioned how she unconditionally loves her new catch. In other words, Sharitah is not ready to hear negative feedback about her new relationship. Even more, Sharitah clarified how she doesn’t care about the past and the gossips doing rounds.
“I am going to try and make things work. I failed in my first marriage, I don’t want this one to fail,” Sharitah orated in one of the most recent interrogations.
Sharitah mutawe snatches joy Kihuguru's Husband

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