Rema Namakula House in Namugongo Details Revealed

The truth about Rema Namakula house in Namugongo

First of all, news has been doing rounds about Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula split or breakup. This was backed up with the allegation that Rema is now renting a house in Namugongo. The truth is that the wrangles between the two have existed for a long time. In fact, Eddy has said many negative things about Rema publicly and those who know them up close paint a picture that is far from what a good relationship should look like.

However, other sources insist that Rema and Eddy’s union is still intact. Previously, Rema Namakula had stated that she will reveal the truth about the state of their relationship. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

Further, in a recent interview at UBC TV, Eddy Kenzo categorically denied reports that Rema has moved out. “Rema stays in Seguku. She has never shifted or gone anywhere…..I don’t know where that rumor came from”. Eddy also added that Rema has several properties but that does not mean she is moving out of his house. “She is building houses in different places. She has her own house in Namugongo and other places”

Indeed, other sources have confirmed that the property in Namugongo is her own residential house. However, despite Eddy Kenzo categorically saying that Rema still lives with him, these sources report that Rema is indeed moving out of Eddy’s home into her own house.

In short, below are some of the stunning photos of the house that Rema Namakula was constructing for herself. According to the photos, it seems that this is definitely her own residential homestead and not a kind of rental house. Have a look at the photos of Rema Namukula’s beautiful house below;

Rema Namakula House in Namugongo photos
Rema Namakula House in Namugongo
Rema Namakula New Husband 2019
Rema Namakula Home
Rema Namakula new Husband

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