MC Kats Sheila Gashumba Beef is On Again

The long at hand beef between Singer Sheila Gashumba and Mc Kats is not about to end anytime soon. The two cant have not yet halted their differences ever since its birth. Recently, Mc Kats blasted Sheila Gashumba for losing her ex-boyfriend Fik Fameica. Mc Kats even went ahead and gave a reason that Sheila wasnt that sharp and smart to stand the relationship.

MC Kats and Sheila Gashumba Beef
MC Kats and Sheila Gashumba Beef

Even more, Mc Kats uncovered the reason as to why Fik Fameica left Socialite Sheila Gashumba and moved on. According to MC Kats, Fik couldn’t handle a woman who was still sleeping at her parents home with curfew and couldn’t make her own decisions as an adult.
In contrast, Sheila Gashumba claims she dumped Fik Fameica after meeting the man of her life.


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