I’m Too Beautiful To Be Rejected by a Man Winnie Nwagi

“I’m too beautiful to be rejected by a Ugandan man,” says Winnie Nwagi.
Undoubtedly, Winnie Nwagi is one of the most beautiful female musicians in Uganda today. Besides her elegance, Nwagi is one of the bootylicious and curviest celebrities in the country. Here is a collection of all the latest photos of Winnie Nwagi.

In one of the tapes released in early August, Nwagi is dancing and twerking to Navio. However, Navio walks away from Singer Winnie Nwagi. These reactions have caused numerous speculations from most of the Ugandan citizens.

As such, numerous trolls have emerged on social media networks accusing Winnie Nwagi of enticing a married man. As the internet users could not keep silent over the incident, Winnie Nwagi resurfaced and had to say this.
“Im too beautiful to be rejected by a Ugandan man.”

In addition, the beautiful Ugandan musician also warned married women to keep their spouses away from her.
“If you see your husband next to me on the dancefloor, please take him away if you don’t want to lose him”, she added.

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Personally, I think that the female Ugandan musician Winnie Nwagi had nothing to hide behind the trends. Certainly, it’s one of the best response that any other independent and hardworking lady like Nwagi would have said. Winnie Nwagi rejected by any Ugandan man?


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