Martha Kay Kagimba BIOGRAPHY and EDUCATION

First of all, Martha Kay is a top Ugandan comedian as well as a photographer. Furthermore, if you are an internet user, you could most probably have come across Martha Kay displaying her beautiful bean for public consumption. As a result, we want to exclusively unveil the real Martha Kay Kagimba biography and education as compiled by our writers at UGWIRE Website.

Kagimba was born in Nairobi in the mid-1990s and raised in Nakasero, Kampala. Born to Margaret and Jessy Kagimba, she is the last born of four children. She went to Kabojja Junior School, St Mary’s College Namagunga School, and Kabojja International School before joining Uganda Christian University to pursue a degree in Mass Communication.

First of all, Martha Kay is a photographer by profession. According to Martha, she was inspired by her sister to join photography. ‘On my 18th birthday, My elder sister asked me what I wanted as a birthday present. I told her that I wanted a phone tablet that could take pictures but my sister suggested that I get a professional camera. She bought me a camera and that was the beginning of my work in photography. I also studied in Haiti for my Senior Six and photography was among the extra activities we would do,” She told one of our reporters during an interview recently.

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Martha Kay Kagimba Biography and Education

Martha Kay is also a born again Christian. She said she became born again after failing terribly at school. “One time my mother was called to the headmistress’ office due to my poor academic performance. She asked me, Do you think I am going to take care of you for the rest of your life? I went back to the dormitory and cried. I felt like a failure in life because of depression. As a result, I turned to God. Also, I read many inspirational books and the bible that helped me overcome,” she said.
Martha Kay rose onto the scene after he ‘Range Rover’ video went viral on the internet.

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