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How Tahidi High Actress Jolene Managed Weight Loss

Jolene Tahidi High Weight Loss

How Tahidi High Actress Jolene (Jackie Matubia) managed Weight Loss after a breakup with her Boyfriend.

First of all, most of us are probably aware of the Tahidi High Citizen TV show. The Media house, Royal Media incorporates numerous vernacular radio stations as well as TV Channels. Hence, among the most watched TV Programs in Kenya are Soap Operas, Day Break, Sema na Citizen, and Bambika. In this article, we shall narrate on how actress Jackie Matubia aka Jolene of Tahidi High managed weight loss success.

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Is Jackie Matubia Married?

Former on TV Actress Jackie Matubia is currently not married. First of all, ever since her departure from the TV program, there has been a lot of gossip surrounding her. Probably, this may be because of her transformation to being a mother, as well as a TV host. Nevertheless, this is not all about her being the glamorous queen in the Kenyan showbiz and entertainment industry. Probably, this’ because not long after she got married, she parted ways with her husband.

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How Tahidi High Actress Jolene Managed Weight Loss. (Photos, Husband & Instagram)

Even more, the on-screen celebrity has confessed about how comfortable her life has been ever since the break-up with her hubby. Also, Jolene spoke about the recent disclosures of her weight loss journey, and how she had managed to successfully achieve her weight loss expectations.

Jackie Matubia moved out of the home she shared with her baby daddy due to domestic differences. Consequently, ever since the breakup, she has worked on her physical configuration and now she looks like a teenager. She had previously opened up of her struggle with weight loss especially after giving birth. Thus, she found a perfect weight loss plan that she embarked on which included waist training and roadworks. And the results are amazing.

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Finally, below are some of former Tahidi High Actress Jolene aka Jackie Matubia photos/ pics after Weight Loss.