12 Early Signs of HIV Infection You Shouldn’t Ignore

12 Early Signs of HIV Infection that you ought to know or be aware of. First of all, HIV infection is a serious health problem. However, the good news is that you can live a normal healthy life if the HIV infection is discovered early and managed well. If you do not discover early that you have HIV and get the right treatment and care, the virus will multiply and weaken the immune system. Over time, it will lead to full-blown AIDS with devastating health consequences. Because of this, it is wise that you take steps to know your HIV status.

In addition, it is also good to know some of the signs and symptoms of HIV infection. This can help you decide to seek testing and appropriate care early enough to avoid getting ill unknowingly.

Usually, HIV has 3 stages. The first stage is what we are discussing in this article and it lasts for about 2 – 6 weeks. Its signs and symptoms are similar to those of the flu, and they occur 1 – 4 weeks after being infected with HIV. Early treatment of HIV at this stage makes the virus undetectable and reduces the chance of progressing to other advanced stages of HIV for several decades. Moreover, this can prevent transmission to other people.

In this article, we are going to list all the 12, very early signs of HIV infection you shouldn’t ignore. Most noteworthy, a combination of 6-8 symptoms listed below are a signal of HIV infection that needs urgent medical attention. Hence, it’s strongly advisable to undergo an HIV test at an approved health center for reasonable and satisfactory status results.

12 Early Signs and Symptoms of HIV Infection

  • Headache that lasts for 2-4 hours.
  • Fever and abnormal chills.
  • A feeling of Tiredness even without doing any tasks.
  • Sudden Weight Loss.
  • Swollen lymph nodes mostly around the neck or ears. They appear like boils but in a real sense, they are not.
  • A sore throat that lasts for almost a week.
  • Skin rashes are common in newly infected individuals. However, some people may not have rashes during this stage.
  • Muscle and joint pain. However, this kind of mild ache usually eases after 1-2 weeks at most.
  • Ulcers in the mouth. Most individuals develop redness, especially on the lower lips. The redness is an indication of HIV infection at earlier stages.
  • Ulcers on the genitals. On the other hand, most individuals experience rashes on the genitals that look like blisters. Usually, they disappear by themselves after 2-4 weeks.
  • Night sweats. Also,
  • Sudden Diarrhea that lasts up to 5 days.
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NB: It is highly advisable to visit a healthcare center for counseling and checkup if you have at least 6 of the symptoms above.


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