How To Get a Driving Permit in Uganda 2023

Lacking a driving license or a valid document to recognize you as a driver can be very daring. This is because you may be arrested by police or even be lacking the recommended skills since you are not recognized by the government. For that reason, we shall educate you on how to get a driving permit in Uganda in 2023 presently.

First of all, there are certain protocols that one needs to follow to easily get a government permit. Below are some of the steps that shall quickly ease the whole pressure and process. But before we go any further, there are certain requirements for obtaining a driving permit. For example:

  • Application made on form TR VII duly obtained and ratified by the applicant who must be 18 years and above.
  • Application Form UCDP1 must be completed and proposed by a medical practitioner.
  • A certificate of competence for the applicant is duly stamped and approved at the back by the Inspector of Vehicles. Again, it should specify the group(s) of vehicles the applicant is qualified to drive.
  • A valid interim driving license is attached.
  • A driving trial revenue receipt is attached.
  • In the case of an exchange permit, the original national valid license (not international) must be attached.
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How To Get a Driving Permit in Uganda 2023

Step 1: How To Apply for a Provisional Driving Permit in Uganda

This is a provisional driving license that allows the holder to learn how to drive a motor vehicle under the supervision of an instructor. Hence, it’s for a renewable period of three months.

  1. Firstly, collect the application form from any of these centers. They include; TLB branch offices, Banks, Face Technologies Offices, and or download it from the URA Portal on this link.
  2. Secondly, fill out the application form and ensure you are examined by a registered medical practitioner for physical examination.
  3. Go to Uganda Revenue Authority Portal to generate the Learner’s assessment form (PRN).
  4. Also, visit any bank of your choice and pay the appropriate fees of UGX30,000 for the Learners / Provisional Permit to the URA account.
  5. Go to Face Technologies Office with the bank receipt together with the duly filled application form.
  6. Face Technologies will capture your Biometric features. After that, proceed to pay the required fees of UGX 30,000 (cash) to Face Technology for producing the Learners’ permit.
    Face Technologies will issue the Learners’ Permit after payment of the required fees

Driving Permit renewal cost in Uganda 2023?

This is issued for one to three years and is renewable for similar further periods on expiry. Altogether, there are 12 existing classes, however, only 4 classes are acceptable for an amateur driver’s license. These include Group B (Passenger vehicles up to 7 people and goods vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes), Group A (Motorcycles), Group H (Agricultural Tractors), and Group F (Pedestrian controlled Vehicles).

  1. Go to a Licensed driving school (of your choice) with your Learner’s Permit [issued in vii above] for the training
  2. You will be issued a driving Certificate of Completion from the driving school upon successful training.
  3. Go to the URA Portal, TLB, or Bank and generate the Book Test assessment form (PRN). Proceed to the bank and pay appropriate fees as UGX 25,000 to URA for the Learner’s Test fees.
  4. Go to (IOV) Inspector of Vehicles together with your driving school certificate of completion [refer to ix above], the Driving instructor, and receipt from the bank [ref to (x) above].
  5. The IOV will issue and send a Certificate of Competence (CoC) to Face Technologies upon the successful completion of the Driver test.
  6. Go to the URA portal and generate a New /Full permit assessment form and proceed to the bank and pay the appropriate fee of UGX 55,000 for one year full permit and UGX 150,000 for a three-year full permit
  7. Go to Face Technologies Offices with your Bank receipt to process the New / Full permit
  8. Face Technologies will verify and process the permit upon payment of the Driving Permit production fee to UGX 80,000 for one year permit and UGX 80,000 for a three-year permit
  9. You will be given a Temporary Paper driving license which will be valid for one month after which you will take it back to get the Real Driver’s License. Finally, here is How To Get a Driving Permit in Uganda in 2023 through an online application.
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Driving Permit Online Application

  1. You will need to visit the Uganda Revenue Authority Website at
  2. Scroll down and locate the Payment Registration link.
  3. Select option NTR and under Tax head, scroll down and choose Full Exchange D/P.
  4. Continue filling all parts, especially those with a redstart as they are mandatory, click accept and register, and then on the next page, click print.
  5. Go to the bank you choose as your payment bank and enact your payment.
  6. Go to any URA branch; pick the Driver’s license application forms (Form A – Make sure to checkbox with Driving Permit Exchange and Form B – Medical form).
  7. Fill the Form A and take Form B to the nearest eye care clinic or hospital for thorough checking, especially the eyes.
  8. Take back the filled forms together with your bank payment receipt and drop them at the URA branch of your choice.
  9. Go to Kyambogo Face Technologies, the official Driving permit processing center after the period as recommended by the URA staff.
  10. Later, you will get a Temporary driving license valid for one month. After this, you will take it back to get the Real Driver’s License.



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