Licensed Driving Schools in Uganda 2021

Licensed Driving Schools in Uganda 2021 list

List of all the Licensed Driving Classes or Schools in Uganda in 2021.
If you are planning to attend a driving course in Uganda, it’s good to note that we have the Licensed Driving Schools as well as those that are not accredited by the government. In our previous post, we discussed and listed all the best driving schools like Prestige Driving School in Uganda. Today, we shall share with you the most recent list of the licensed driving schools in Uganda from the year 2021 to 2022.

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Licensed Driving Schools in Uganda 2021

Licensed Driving Classes in the Central Region of Uganda

Driving SchoolLicence CategoryLocation
New Hope Driving SchoolBKampala
Country View Driving SchoolA, B, C, CE, D1Kampala
KJ Driving SchoolBKampala
Victory City Entreprises Driving SchoolBKampala
Prestige Driving School (Masaka Branch)BKampala
Minami Driving SchoolBNtinda
Safe Way Right Way Driving SchoolCEMukono
Joths Driving SchoolBKawuku
KS Integrated Driving SchoolBEntebbe
Ogas Services Uganda LtdBKampala
Wefunile Driving SchoolBNtinda
Harus Driving School, KasangatiBKasangati
J$K Driving SchoolBKampala
Harus Driving School, KasubiBKasubi
Harus Driving School, KyaliwajjaBKyaliwajjala
Harus Driving School, KyengeraBKyengera
Harus Driving School, MaganjoBMaganjo
Harus Driving School, MpererweBMpererwe
Harus Driving School, MukonoBMukono
Opoka Driving SchoolBKampala
Ddembe Driving SchoolBKampala
Graben Logistics AcademyC, CEBugolobi
Generation X Driving SchoolBKampala
Devine Brothers Driving SchoolBKampala
Jemini Driving SchoolBKampala
Premier Driving SchoolBKatabi
Tamale Driving SchoolA, B, D1Kampala
Teresa Driving SchoolBNansana
Fosters Driving SchoolBKampala
BMT Driving SchoolBKampala
AA Driving SchoolBKampala
Kibedde Driving SchoolBKampala
Senal Driving SchoolBMityana

Licensed Driving Classes in the Western Region of Uganda

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Driving SchoolLicence CategoryLocation
Royal Driving SchoolA, B, C1Mbarara
Nanga Home Driving SchoolB, C1Hoima
Kanyankore Professional Driving SchoolA, B, D1Mbarara
Ruti Professional Driving SchoolBMbarara
K-Way Driving SchoolBMbarara
San Diego Driving SchoolBMbarara
Life in Safe Environment Driving SchoolBMasindi
Digital Driving SchoolBMbarara
Wendi Driving SchoolA, B, C, CE, D1, D, DE, GFort Portal
Byam S. Mend Driving SchoolA, BFort Portal
Prestige Driving SchoolA, BHoima
Mbarara United Driving SchoolBMbarara
He Cares Driving SchoolBFort Portal

Licensed Driving Classes in the Northern Region of Uganda

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Driving SchoolLicence CategoryLocation
Prestige Driving SchoolA, BGulu
Prestige Driving SchoolBLira
Prestige Driving SchoolA, BGulu
AA Driving SchoolBGulu
Bravo Magl Driving SchoolBAdjumani
Nelkoo Techical and Vocational Driving SchoolA, B, C1Lira
Heritage Driving SchoolBGulu
Prestige Driving SchoolA, BArua
Rejo Driving SchoolA, B, C1, D1Gulu

Licensed Driving Schools in the Eastern Region of Uganda 2021

Driving SchoolLicence CategoryLocation
Prestige Driving SchoolBSoroti
Caeva Driving SchoolB, D1Jinja
Mpakibi Driving SchoolA, B, C1Jinja
King David Driving SchoolA, B, C1Kaberamaido
St Pius Iskom Driving SchoolBSoroti
Triumph Driving SchoolBTororo
Prestige Driving SchoolBMbale
Reliable Motorcare Driving SchoolA, B, C1, D1Jinja
Mtt Driving SchoolBJinja

Lastly, our list of the Licensed Driving Schools in Uganda in 2021 was compiled after an exploration from top sites like Ministry of Works and Transport, as well as UDLS.

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